November 2016

Minunea Matusii Marlene

Living ArtLooks

Marlene, o femeie excentrica, bogata, o femeie care a trait spumos tocmai a murit in conacul ei din provincie. Minunea, nepoata ei din generatia Z – nota povestitorului: o Zeta mai spre pitiponc am spune – soseste in sat pentru inmormantarea matusii. Si, desigur, pentru a intra in posesia zestrei.   Marlene n-a cunoscut-o niciodata, nu […]

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To All The People On Earth

Living Art

 The times we are living are vital for the next generations. And for the ones who don’t want to have kids (me), these times are vital for us too. All people, the ones alive now on the planet.    We somehow find reasons to worry about all kinds of aspects, about Trump, about white male […]

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I Think The Fancy Word is ‘Hedonist’

Living Art

I Swear To God. Starting with 2017 I will never, never but NEVER eat more than 10 carbs per week. I fucking SWEAR IT.  ….   Nahhhh, I withdraw, Your Honour (currently watching The Good Wife, brings back memories).    In the light of recent events, I could never, but never give up pastry, bread […]

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Mauritius, The Island of a Thousand Tales / part 3

Living ArtLooks

THIS IS THE ZEN AREA  I can sill hear my butler’s voice when he took me on a resort tour on the first day we arrived at  Club Med Mauritius – La Plantation d’Albion. “Please talk with a hushed voice – This area needs to remain silent” said the sign on the entrance. #HEAVEN   […]

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Kitchen Victim – S 3, Ep 2 – Paine cu Unt Person forever

Morodan TV

Hola mis queridos internet friends. Mazetta and I, the world renowned cooking duo, are back. Sure, we talk over the phone, sure we drink go out together, sure Mazi was one of the teachers at GIN, were she shared her online adventures, but I missed seeing her cook. Cause there’s no US in this adventure. Honesty is imperative children! […]

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