May 2016

Iasi, I’m Coming This Weekend

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Meeting my people face to face is one of the things I love the most out of all of my activities. And I’m very excited for my next meeting with the Rose Society in Iasi – have you seen my first adventure with them?    I’ve seen so many photographs of this beautiful city and I can’t wait […]

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We’re Not The Couch Potato Cluster Here

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  People, don’t make me believe that we really are a community of couch potatoes (fuck, we actually are, aren’t we? ok, ok, not like ALL of us…hope springs eternal…)   However, click here like really, click it and find out what we have to do this week. Cause we only have one week left. CLICK IT and […]

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How a Brand’s Celebration Made Me Think About My Own

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Photo by Dan Beleiu – Styled by RD Styling Project – The Beauty Team – Sorin Stratulat, Alexandru Abagiu and Ioana Stratulat  H&M came to Romania 5 years ago and at the same time, with nothing but a suitcase, I was hopping on a train to Bucharest. I still remember my first ever collab with H&M. I […]

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2014 meet 2016

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This is how bringing old content to the modern/moving era old content looks like. This was me two years ago.  In the light of my seaside departure in 10 minutes this fits quite perfectly. However, this time I’m not bringing along fancy outfits, I’ll just drive to my secret place and listen to the waves, […]

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3 Reasons to Always Take The Road Less Traveled

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You’ll find out later in life that the greatest encounters have nothing to do with other people.   We were on our way to Cappadocia with Prestige, when this out-of-this-world landscape appeared in front of our eyes.     We were on the bus, tired, looking out the window. Endless cereal fields. For hours. Until slowly, the […]

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