May 2016

Hogwarts is Rebranding

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One of my dearest projects and greatest accomplishments will come to life soon .It was only natural (considering the lady ?!?! in question) that my first visual mention of it should happen in a long dress.    Clara Rotescu dress – Tria Alfa earrings  Photos taken at Transilvania Guest Houses     Still trying to get familiarized […]

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Notes On My Personal Style in Gett`s Magazine

Living Art

Tria Alfa earrings – Tous ring My sixth press clipping in the past month. Thank you Gett`s Magazine for discovering my personal style and for loving it.  I`m always humbled to see so much appeal and fascination regarding my style story. Pencil skirts and pleated dresses, you rock for eternity.   

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Letter to my Aunts

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Bon Bijou jewelry Photos by Emil Costrut    Easter, that one moment per year when one has to visit their relatives. And if we`re talking about the Morodan family, “relatives” means a bunch of old, eccentric aunts. My grandmother`s sisters and their daughters.  In this spirit, every year for the past 13 years (since I hit 18) I’ve […]

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Tea on the Nile with Poirot and Cleopatra

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“Yes, I like that—loyalty, I mean. It’s out of fashion nowadays. She’s an odd character, that girl—proud, reserved, stubborn, and terribly warm-hearted underneath, I fancy.” ― Agatha Christie, Death on the Nile     I`m spending my Easter in complete silence. In the middle of nature. Although I`m not feeling the Easter spirit to the […]

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