April 2016

Speaking About Recycling at the Green Report Conference andddd

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    Dear World,   this is Me, keeping my promise. You know, we talked about this last year. About getting involved and protecting the environment.    Well, I`ve been taking my first steps. Yesterday I was a speaker for the Green Report conference. We talked about circular economy and about recycling and how can […]

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Why Would You?

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  pick France?   don`t think, answer in an instant    Nope, Paris is not my favorite city but is definitely one city in which I`ve  experienced one of the most glamorous forms of beauty I have ever seen. And that makes me happy. So that means that I`m just another fashionista which says: Dear […]

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The M Office – Chia Pudding?!??!

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  I need breadddd. Aluat. Ceva. Orice. #sevraj      Update number 2: Ne-am facut uniforme de birou                

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  H&M blouse and skirt – Ramon Filip earrings – Carven coat  Photo by Alexandru Rosieanu      I`m  in the process of taking life slow. Of learning how to appreciate nature`s miracles and wonders.    I`m in the process of finding what I want to do next.   I`m in the process of learning to accept […]

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A Story about Plants, Fruits & Flowers and Their Magical Use

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  I don`t know how you feel about this, but for me, when I endorse and recommend something beauty related, I consider it`s only fair to test them first. If I like them, I`ll write about them, if I don`t, I won`t.   I tested the  Fereto Organics products in the last month and a half. The […]

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