August 2015

5 Reasons To Love Csilla Tulogdy

Living ArtLooks

      One of Maurice`s lists gave me a sudden urge to show you more takes from Csilla Tulogdy`s latest lookbook. This modern lady designer is a real source of inspiration, and here’s why you should follow her:      because she can mobilize an entire army of people if she wants something done, […]

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When Your Idea Of Going To A Festival is Slightly Different than Everyone Else`s

Living ArtLooks

  Of course I went. It’s almost a cultural landmark now, so I had to check it off my list. I’m obviously talking about Summer Well. Besides, Huawei gave me a very challenging #Aprinde Creativitatea task – to wear pants during the two days of festival…quite hard considering that I planned my attire in very black […]

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A Blast from The Near Past & A Question

Living ArtLooks

Zarug blazer, blouse and pants – Steve Madden sneakers – Chloe bag – Louis Vuitton sunglasses – Cartier bracelet Snaps by Alexandru Rosieanu       A blast from the near past indeed (notice my hairdo – I look at it and it feels it`s not me 🙂 )  with two people who I love getting […]

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What Would Margareta Paslaru Do if She Were a Millennial

Living ArtLooks

Lace by Malvina dress – Smiling Shoes heels – H&m hat – Bon Bijou earrings – Hermes Kelly bag   Photos by Lightaholic in front of a Lucian Baraitaru (fondator DincoloDeFatade) work          She doesn’t drive a car, because she absolutely adores her bicycle and could never part with it. She uses it frequently and […]

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At Your Service – A Webseries About a Mad Countess and Her Naughty Butler – S1.Ep2

Morodan TV

    It`s funny how these raw videos turned into a web series. We still have episode 3 of raw filming and then in the next episodes things will get even more dramatic. Are you ready?   They first air every week on Tudy`s Facebook channels or mine. Watch out             […]

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