August 2015

How You Can WIN a City Break With Me and a Packed Luggage Also

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    Basically this was me an hour ago. Never blogged in this rhythm before but it`s for an Awesome project so here it goes.          Tricky subject – this Freedom issue – for each one of us can mean different things.   For me, freedom is maintaining the ability to be […]

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That Little Detail You Get More Aware Of With Age

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   After years of shallow and completely random, impulse packing, I’ve decided to go on a “No travel item left at home” policy. And before our trip to Lake Como last month, I actually thought I finally got it right! Little did I know…          Well I remembered the glam items alright, however, […]

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How Strong is Your Street Style Game?

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  Aer Wear pants – Zara blouse – similar here and necklace – similar here – Prabal Gurung sunglasses from SunglassCurator – Balenciaga bag from Sole Shop Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu       It hit me. I mean, we can`t always street walk in our pajamas. Nope, no, people expect the show. Every time. Everywhere. We`re women. We […]

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Are Sequins Living It Up To The Hype?

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    Saying that I love sequins would be an understatement. I mean, I`ve always been completely drawn to the extravagant, so for me, a fabric filled with shiny little disco lights is like the Holy Grail of dress materials.   Take note that I’ve been secretly planning to make my own sequined swimming suit. […]

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My 12 Essential Things For a Perfect Night – In this Issue of Nunta Magazine

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    Yep, wrote about them. Not especially referring to that Big night, since I don`t have any aspirations to see myself as a bride (subject which will be submitted for debate soon) but about one Big night, a night which is of big importance to you. My 12 things which I always keep in […]

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