December 2014

#Gift a Globe – The New Christmas Trend I Believe In

Living ArtLooks

  Brace yourselves people because I might have found the solution to all our Christmas gift buying dilemmas. No really, I`m not joking. And all this running mad to buy gifts but actually having no idea what to buy craze can stop. And it`s a solution that won`t ruin your wallet, either. I am speaking […]

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The New Shopping Address Any Wise Fashionista Should Know

Living ArtLooks

Oups – Flu infected person I am wearing an OI Concept (Franklin 9, Bucharest) full outfitand Aep necklaces Photos by Mihai Dina     One of my style preaches around here always was affordable fashion. And I know it`s a matter of point of views but personally I believe that true style reveals itself when […]

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Kitchen Victim – #BeginDesire

Living ArtMorodan TV

  Yeah, missed us all summer, can`t get rid of us all winter. You were careful what you wished for, weren`t you? Brace yourselves because in this episode we have a guest. A special guest I would say. We have Elena, who came all away from Rome to appear in our Kitchen Victim episode. Why? […]

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Slim like a Supermodel (not me) Powerful like a Superhero (this might be me)

Living ArtLooks

    Well, you know, there are a few things that make our life a fairytale. The blunt truth is that nowadays, that fairytale is lived mainly on social media. Yeah, accept it. Of course, this does not mean faking it #smile. At the beginning of the year I got a Huawei phone to try my […]

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Episode 7 from The Stylist Contest by BSC

Living ArtMorodan TV

  Here`s how the contestants made it through the Dress a Romanian Personality  challenge. I was there, like always, to document their way. Have I told you how much I adore this project? Yes, I did. Ok, I`m not going to mumble on the subject anymore then and leave you to it to enjoy.   […]

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