December 2014

The 5 Habits of Highly Stylish People

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I am wearing a Maria Marinescu dress – available on Molecule F and a Bon Bijou ring Photos by Silvia Postolatiev at design concept store Atelier Anda Roman       `Fact: Anyone with a credit card can be fashionable. Another fact: Very few people—credit cards or not—can be considered women of genuine style.` – I remembered this […]

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Fashionistas Pay Their Respect

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  I am wearing Lo Spaccio coat and dress and Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes tight high boots Photos by Mihai Dina     You know, it was only natural and somebody had to do it. I mean, every fashionista took advantage of the beautiful Athenaeum throughout the year and the grandiose building served us all very […]

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Kitchen Victim – My Favourite Episode – A Dessert with My Favroite Ice Cream

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  It was `necessary` – yes , Mazilu considered necessary to not end the year without learning how to make a dessert…what can I say, it was necessary instructive. At least we used my favorite ice cream in the process. Yes, you`ve guessed it, it`s Haagen Dazs. #thelove Do you remember my last HD adventure? […]

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The Law of Kindness or Why I am Santa Claus This Year

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I am wearing a PNK Casual coat, a Zara bag and Caviar by Valentina Pelinel for Flusberg Jewelry New York earrings Scrolling on my Prestigio MultiPad Color tablet Photos by Silvia Postolatiev     There`s this little event that I wanted to tell you about for a while now. Remember these pictures Serban and I took at Peles? That […]

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Ce-si Doresc Femeile de Craciun – My Article for Intel iQ

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    I have written in Romanian. Yes, I did my best. For my new article on Intel iQ. Stai ca mai bine zic in romana si aici. Asa deci, Mazilu zice ca-s mai savuroasa in romana, mie in continuare mi se pare ca scriu cam ingalat, oricum, aici e lista. Lista facuta in urma unui […]

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