October 2014

The Business of Being ANA MORODAN – Episode 3

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I am wearing a Clara Rotescu dress and an AEP neklacee Photos by Silvia Postolatiev     Dear all, since you know me for a while now, I consider it only normal to make you an acquaintance with my family. You know, so that you can relate better with my essence. The Lady Cows remained impassible […]

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It Gives Me Great Honor To Bring You The `Stefan Caltia-Locuri` Exhibition

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Photo by Serioja Bocsok     My darlings, It give me great pleasure to speak with you about today`s post topic  – The `Stefan Caltia – Locuri` Exhibition, held in Timisoara. As you could see from my Facebook pages, along with Camelia Sucu, Marian Palie, Cristina Bazavan and Noemi Revnic, I have been chosen to […]

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Just Like Buying Couture

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    Well, what can I say? When you reach a certain age and become a little wiser things might change perspective a little bit. You know, you have moments when your focus moves slowly from pretty clothes to awesome furniture and decorations. And a real life awesome lady, besides looking dashing, has to have […]

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To The Lady In The White Car

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I am wearing a C&A coat Louboutin heels, Wolford tights and an H&M dress       Be prepared to see a lot of fishnet tights around here this Autumn because ever since I saw an editorial in CR, they remained stuck to my brain. I was enjoying a latte the other day, I drink coffee […]

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I`m One of The Speakers at RFTB This Year

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  My Autumn Speaking Modules debuts at RFTB where I was invited to speak about personal branding, premium strategy and online endorsing. I am super anxious to meet and share what I`ve learned through these years with you guys. I am preparing my presentation as we speak. Here is the schedule from this year`s edition of  RFTB. […]

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