January 2013


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Shop this Maria Marinescu playful pants on Molecule F‘s showroom © Serban Cristea  .  . Ok, tell me, come on, tell me! Tell me which one of you cursed me to get otitis. Because I did and now I can’t hear anything with my right ear (if we by chance meet you can send me […]

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Is “THE CUTE WITCH” an oxymoron?!?

Living ArtLooks

wearing the amazingly warm and well, yes, cute, hat, mittens and muffler gifted from Avon this Christmas A cat, a kitty, a kitty cat, a caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt C’mon, c’mon, I know you want it, say it, say it! Sayyyyy itttt Howww cuteee Typical, typical!!! Relax, that was my reaction too, I’m no better people. Boy, I […]

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THE OUTFIT that carried me in 2013

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Vintage dress – VintageBazar.ro, ID Sarrieri body, MalvenskyCharms Habibi bracelet and ring, vintage earring and bracelets Photos by Serban Cristea  . It was perfect! PERFECT! The setting, Serban, my outfit, as you can see, Mexico city that night, the words we said to each other that night…I’m telling you, P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Now, all that was left […]

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The afternoon walk

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 . Sooooooooo fascinatingly Belle Epoque like. I rang the bell to feel like in an old movie.    Topshop skirt, Zara blouse&hat, Adr for H&M bracelets, Statement Jewelry by Ioana Enache necklace Photos by Serban Cristea  . My head is spinning, it’s 3 am in Cancun and I finally got accustomed  with their hours so […]

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TODAY I want you to

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Snobbish Breakfast dress,  Moo Piyasombaktul sunglasses (SunglassCurator.com), Mexican traditional shawl, vintage tiara & Malvensky jewelry pinky ring and bracelet Photos by Serban Cristea    . Pay attention cause it’s time to start gather that self confidence everybody is talking about. The one I know you have in you! Here’s an example from my own life […]

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