Year: 2011

Hello there, I’m the bitch and I live next door


Louboutin shoes, Wolford tights, Zara skirt and blouse, H&M and vintage jewelry, Zara bag © Cornelia Gaie I moved last week (yes, again, don’t ask!). Now I live in a building with lots of young people, no, not in a hostel or a foster home, just rentals with cool people, except one. The girl who […]

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Snobbish Breakfast dress, Zara sandals, H&M cuff, Zara bag, Accessorize hat, Topshop + I Became Addicted rings © Lightaholic – Catalin Opritescu Since I know you for a while now I’m gonna tell you one of my biggest secrets. It will come like some sort of a shock for most of you and I really […]

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Tales of a decadent garden

Living ArtLooks

That’s why autumn is my fav season! Alice in Wonderland like. my favorite lady by the time he will be 26, I’ll be 46…hope is all I have left…until then, I’m his adopted, Cruella aunt.     If you somehow clicked and arrived on this blog more than twice you are already familiar with the […]

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“the cutest thing”


Zara boots, vintage skirt, Zara blouse Photos – Cornelia Gaie     Why do people dress-up their dogs? I’m trying to stay open minded here but I can’t really figure this shit out. I really don’t think they (they = the dogs) like it. It’s not comfy for a dog to sleep in a bed gown […]

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Vaio technology, everywhere

Living ArtLooks

yes Andy, I have a remote 😉 And then, I lost it…     SONY made me a present today! Yes, yes, it’s that little pink object. And since you don’t know my latest “adventure”(why I am on a field and all), I’m only gonna tell you this…it works everywhere, get it? You didn’t think […]

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