Year: 2011

The detox files


Zara boots, Cos dress, Asos collar, vintage jewelry I’m back people!  Safe and sound, ready to live on vegetable juice and smoothies for the next two weeks or so, again (relax human rights persons, I’m just detoxing! and fyi it’s hard like hell for a little eater like me ) Orson Welles  said that every […]

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Phone blogging journal – episode 1


It’s raining like hell where I am today. Outside and inside of people’s souls.   .

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If I had a heart

Living ArtLooks

 H&M hat, Asos blouse    ©  Cornelia Gaie you’d still be in it! .

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Logical wishing


Cos skirt, American Apparel blouse, vintage jewelry © Cornelia Gaie Dreams to come true, just dream, wishing on a star, are all fairy like sayings that make you believe and most of all motivate you to achieve what you wish for. In a more realistic and logical thinking we call it Law of Attraction. Well, […]

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I’m smart on Sundays


Snobbish Breakfast dress, mom’s fur, H&M hat, Vero Moda bag © Lightaholic  – Catalin Opritescu  If you knew that no one is judging you would you make the same choices you make on a daily basis? If you still did not find out about Lightaholic let me tell you something about him. He’s not gonna […]

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