Year: 2011

How have YOU been?


vintage dress, earrings    

13 February 2011 / By / 39 Comments

the list lady


Stradivarius shoes, Tabio tights, vintage skirt, Bershka blouse, vintage earrings  Old houses Cats Poison Ivy Tea Cups Late afternoons in autumn Great Gatsby Nude Mittens Renoir Budoir inspired lenjerie Liliacs Greenhouses My Grandma’s closet  

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Food Orgy

Living Art

Forever 21 jeans, my mom’s blouse Two weeks ago I had a leisure pleasure day. I ate a lot as you can obviously see and worked at the new Snobbish Breakfast capsule collection. The End. P.S. Please tell my mom to give me that blouse!!! I want it! Now. Spoiled child.

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Snowflake girl

Living Art

How where these snowy days for you? Cause mine where like this. If we leave out the fact that I’m in another city with only some flu flu blazer in my luggage, covered in mud, freezing my heart out.

24 January 2011 / By / 12 Comments

Blow connections


Steve Madden shoes, H&M bag, Snobbish Breakfast dress, Tabio socks, NY jewelry Photos by Cornelia Gaie  . My life is pretty hectic right now, actually it’s pretty hectic always but now if I think carefully it’s madness . By this I’m trying to justify my lack of posts lately. And because I really have to […]

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