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Kitchen Victim – My Favourite Episode – A Dessert with My Favroite Ice Cream

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  It was `necessary` – yes , Mazilu considered necessary to not end the year without learning how to make a dessert…what can I say, it was necessary instructive. At least we used my favorite ice cream in the process. Yes, you`ve guessed it, it`s Haagen Dazs. #thelove Do you remember my last HD adventure? […]

19 December 2014 / By / 16 Comments
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Slim like a Supermodel (not me) Powerful like a Superhero (this might be me)

Living ArtLooks

    Well, you know, there are a few things that make our life a fairytale. The blunt truth is that nowadays, that fairytale is lived mainly on social media. Yeah, accept it. Of course, this does not mean faking it #smile. At the beginning of the year I got a Huawei phone to try my […]

12 December 2014 / By / 25 Comments
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The Mexico Countess

Living ArtLooks

The Pyramid of the Sun – built by the Aztecs, one of the landmarks of humanity. It has 248 stairs. Serban climbed it, I, like a sedentary midget, abandoned it at half.  The dramatic Moo Piyasombaktul sunglasses from SunglassCurator. You first saw them last summer during my Kinder Bueno project.  I consider them fit for […]

31 December 2012 / By / 9 Comments

If You are special you are ABSOLUT UNIQUE

Living ArtLooks

Vivienne Westwood dress, vintage jewelry – © Serban Cristea’s other hand    . And you are! All of you who read this blog are. You are my special and unique friends. I received a special delivery from ABSOLUT  last week. My own ABSOLUT UNIQUE  sample. ABSOLUT UNIQUE is a new concept by ABSOLUT VODKA […]

13 December 2012 / By / 3 Comments


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  Este “socialite” de nou mileniu cu amprentă est-europeană, care reinventează și reinterpretează conceptul de “aristocrat”. Read the rest here I found this yesterday morning. I am among the 16 coolest young people in Bucharest. This is Biggggg. Now, here’s how I looked like the other day. I was sick and it was not a […]

28 November 2012 / By / 5 Comments