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Ola! Hai ca ma urnesc incetul cu incetul. Rabdare. La batranete lucrurile se misca mai poticnit. Unde mai pui ca ma lasa si memoria! #ginsengsiberian stiu, iau. En fin, Cristina Stanciulesu s-a incumetat si m-a vizitat la birou sa povestim…tot felul. Aici sunt cele 4 parti ale materialului video, vorbiram mult, ce sa facem.    Transmit […]

24 January 2017 / By / 12 Comments

How #TheMOffice teaches Me to Love Christmas

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Christmas is around the corner and you already know I’m not the biggest fan. It’s the hysteria of shopping, it’s that ‘We have to be kind and think of the people in need‘ obligation that comes up relentlessly on everyone’s lips only around Christmas, when it should be alive in our minds and hearts all year round. […]

24 December 2016 / By / 17 Comments