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This year, The M office will get a #BiggerChristmas

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I hate Christmas!    Well, not “hate”, but rather “strongly dislike”.  LATER EDIT: Ok, fine. I’m being overly dramatic. I don’t hate it, but I strongly dislike it. LATER EDIT 2: Maybe this year I don’t dislike it as strongly as other times       ? Because this year I am actually excited at the thought that […]

15 December 2017 / By / 13 Comments

The Gouvernatrice

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If you have a keen mind and obsessively analyze that certain genre of movies, set in the Belle-Époque/Mid-War era, or even those Agatha Christie novels, you’ll more often than not come across a very peculiar kind of character. It’s that character who has all the dirt on everybody else while always being impeccably prepped. Generating […]

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