June 2016

The Smart Shopping Adventure and #thehorror A STAIN

Living ArtLooks

Quiz: Do you think I like smart shopping? 1. No 2. You’re a shopaholic, you love any kind of shopping 3. Yes, you always tell us that you learnt it on the hard way: spending lots of money throughout the years but now you invest in quality and special pieces instead of quantity 4. You’re […]

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Cluj, I’m Coming Back

Living ArtLooks

One of my targets this year is spending one week per month in Cluj, together with my team. Like installing a temporary office there. Yes, I’m taking over the city.  ? Because I love the city’s vibe, the people and the fact that the crazy  ‘I Need This or That NOW‘ pressure does not exist there.   […]

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The M Office – Vii? NU

Morodan TV

 My authority has gone down the drain…      But he came. They both did       At the Hospice Carnival, presenting along Marius Vintila the beautiful objects exposed for charity auctioning. I am an unconditional supporter when it comes to Hospice Casa Sperantei. Their staff’s dedication left such a powerful mark on my mind and soul every […]

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A Mermaid Said It

Living ArtLooks

 What makes someone special? I suppose it all depends. It’s whats unique in all of us. – Ariel  Oana Lupas skirt – Zara blouse – Louis Vuitton sunglasses – Castaner espadrilles  Photos by Emil Costrut in Antalya    Man, I often think that maybe mermaids existed once, but disappeared. Just like Atlantis….Yes, I’m 31.  Mysteries, lost […]

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Iasi, You’ve Been Memorable

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You, Roses Society ladies and Iasi people: THANK YOU. You’ve filled my heart with positivity and joy, creating memories I’ll cherish for a long time. Until I get back and we’ll make new ones.    I’ll be back soon with a follow-up from my Roses Society event,where I met up with the charming ladies from Iasi, but […]

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