October 2015
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Redesign YourSelf by Baneasa Shopping City – Episode 4

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    Things are starting to get serious around here. Take a look how the Redesign YourSelf attendees are evolving in their quest to discover new dimensions about their personal power.  I`ve evolved too, now I know I don`t want to be filmed from a side  #bigboobs #notfitarms                […]

18 October 2015 / By / 6 Comments

When You Feel You Need a Change…

Living Art

  Redecorate. At least this is what helps me. Every autumn and every spring I have this constant need of change. It happened this autumn as well. The problem is that I moved to a new apartment #hurray, and everything is brand new. But it happened during summer, so you get my problem now. No […]

17 October 2015 / By / 6 Comments
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The Royal Tenenbaums are Searching for a Nanny

Living ArtMorodan TV

    World, meet my Godson.  Words are useless, press Play.          You`ve just seen a sneak peak from our showroom`s waiting room.             

14 October 2015 / By / 18 Comments

3 Things You MUST NECESSARILY Do When It`s Raining

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  They say that as you get older you get wiser…#yeah   I had a free day yesterday…it was fun and games until around 1 pm when the panic hit me: I`m siting here just relaxing and couch potato-ing. I MUST DO Something U-S-E-F-U-L #workaholicpanics So I called some of my team members and bribed […]

12 October 2015 / By / 22 Comments

The Autumn Effect

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    Hello people, Elena is here.   Also, autumn is here too. With all it’s cloudy days, the rain, the romantinc feeling, the boots, the waterproof parkas. No, forget about the last two. At least if you hate autumn. If you hate autumn, just to spite it, forget about boots and parkas, and go WOW. […]

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