July 2015

The Phone Memories from My Latest Thailand Adventure with Tudy, Alinz, Chiny, Igu & Irina

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    I`m have a little break at the seaside and normally, I brought the laptop with me. Just for a little work and also to keep in touch with you. I`m currently at the pool waiting for my spa procedure – don`t hate me – and I`ve just remembered that I was a social […]

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Mademoiselle ANA – École de Beauté et Elégance – S 2 – Ep 1 – The New Mega Gloss

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    At the public demand, we are back with the new series of Mademoiselle ANA – École de Beauté et Elégance with L`Oreal Paris and the genius Alexandru Abagiu and I couldn`t be more delighted.     Learning the beauty secrets has never been more fun than with these people. Just watch the first episode […]

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How to Look Chic While Shopping for Goodies – The Bag Accessory

Living ArtLooks

    Trends may come and Trends may go but let`s face it, Mega Image will always be here. Yep. And what`s cooler is that this love brand transcended the supermarket area and became a lifestyle landmark.   You remember last year`s hip creative layout contest for their bags? I`ve told you about it then here and […]

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My Summer Beauty Minions – ep. 2 & A Giveaway

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    Hola meine ladies,   The second episode of my Summer Beauty Minions is here and it`s live. I`m getting used with being me on video more and more by the day so no more Fairy Like/ Fake voice. #thankGod   This episode is about Scholl and happy feet. This year Scholl released the Diamond Cristal […]

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How To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Most Effective Product Ever

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    I hope you`re sitting down. Because I would have wanted to sit down when I saw the result of this oil. No, like really. Like really, really.      Fell right in front of the mall, while coming from a meeting with these idiotic clogs  Hardot heels, Morodan Shop skirt and blouse, H&M earrings Photos […]

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