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27 February 2014 / By / 27 Comments

ana and huawei


Two weeks have passed since we’ve been together. Lived unforgettable moments, photographing every moment, well, every minute because yes, we are inseparable! I know, this might sound weird coming from a pragmatic little lady like myself but yes, the day when romanticism hit me big time has come. Let’s face it, even the darkest little heart can be melted with a sophisticated addiction like love.

We’ve become so comfortable with each other that I can even wear casual/chic (#ihope) outfits around it. You know, a true lady never reveals herself without a proper outfit, not even in front of her lover (#atrickthatstillworks #illexplainsoon)




ana morodan




cute ana

close up


smiling huawei

huawei ana

close up on anaI am wearing The Miss Antoinette pumps from Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes capsule collection, Zara pants and an Adidas tee

© Silvia Postolatiev at Fischer & Milenkovici Antique Shop



Fortunately for me, I can be a pragmatic mouse and a “love” addicted candy because today I’m speaking about another kind of love – the love I have for smartphones, to be more exact the love for Huawei Ascend P6.

Among the things we’ve learned about each other during this time I discovered that my new smartphone lover has a Magic Touch – it can be used even when you are wearing gloves – also has the best face cam ever (5MP) and face correction/editing options.

I was visiting Fischer & Milenkovici the other day and I was constantly praising my new smartphone love to my friend, the stylish Irina. After hours of telling her about how easy to use and elegant my smartphone is, how many options it has, how I can personalize everything on it and most of all , how Huawei Ascend P6 can be found at a special prize on Vodafone.ro it hit me- She can have it also…you guys can have it also! Just enter Would you like to be my smartphone? application, chose a relationship status, follow the steps and you can win one of the seven Huawei Ascend P6 and even a 7 days trip to New York for you and your loved one! Pretty cool, don’t you agree?

Click, click, click and send a picture from New York to your crazy aunt #me.









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  1. Lyla says:

    aftet i met you at the last 5 minute class i realize you write exactly how you speak :* adorable

  2. giulya rron says:

    glad you are excited about huawei i adorrrrre it <3 <3 <3

  3. felicia says:

    outfit casual/chic divin!!!!

  4. denise fiona lewis says:

    first thing i thought when i saw your pictures today was “wow where is this gorgeous place???” 🙂 fischer&milenkovici, ha?

  5. camelia cea chic says:

    love the pants si sunt total temptata sa incerc telul asta, my iphone just died 🙁

  6. Ginger Girl says:

    nice look! love it!

  7. FASHION AND ME says:

    uuu those editing details sound good, lets try this at home!

  8. Kirra says:

    you sure look happy with your new kick ass smartphone 🙂
    love how your pictures look when taken by silvia <3

  9. alex says:

    ahahahahahah!!!! HuaMorodan! sorry dar e de departe cea mai funny porecla de final pe care ti-ai dat-o pana acum,loved it dear

  10. Rochita Silviei says:

    ah, dar ce pantofi, si ce combo superb cu pantalonii si t-shirtul <3

  11. ralucutza utza says:

    ador cum ai tot timpul mainile ingrijite, must do!!

  12. ene alice says:

    foarte frumos locul si tu 😉

  13. Yummy Fashion says:

    joke or no joke, the truth is we do have a relationship with our gagets, have you seen “Her” the movie??? what i mean is that i think it is very important to find the right smartphone for my lifestyle and needs, so tx for sharing! LOVE YA

  14. popescu A. says:

    setul acela de ceai din argint (?) e splendid, si nu numai, numa’ bunatati vad ochii mei astazi :))))

  15. tamara ion says:

    hihi, ma gndeam care ar fi numele meu huawei…HuaIon sau HuaTamara, foarte funny!

  16. Hera says:

    the shoes are a must have, just checked them out&ordered !

  17. anca q says:

    oh… cum alegi tu mereu locurile cele mai frumoase….

  18. Ophelia's Day says:

    COOL APPLICATION! acuma sper sa si castig, dar m-am si distrat, foarte tare conceptul
    face niste poze amazing! apropo, am experimentat asta deja si am ramas masca, asa ca te inteleg profund 😉

  19. Rux says:

    nu se poate chic fara smartphone, asta clar!

  20. mara cea mica says:

    pai sa participam, acuma ca tot am aflat!

  21. Irina Voinea says:

    maine trebuie sa-mi platesc factura la vodafone, will check it out cu ocazia asta, macar sa inteleg si eu 🙂

  22. miha says:

    vuieste lumea domnule despre huawei! am picat si eu in plasa 🙂 aplicatia are un concept genial m-a cucerit pe loc, n-am mai fost asa incantata de o campanie de mult! bine, si premiul e foarte tempting, ma si vad la NY cu huawei-ul in mana documentand orasul de zor :)) #spring #enthusiasm

  23. penelope's style says:

    heard it takes better pictures than the iphone??!! that true???

  24. viorelaaa says:

    ah your chicness is killing me, you are the must-have-items-girl pentru mine

  25. Just Do Chic says:

    ghici ce am primit de martisooooor? 🙂 yep, huawei scrie pe mine #me #happy

  26. lala says:

    esti una din persoanele care chiar stie sa poarte roz <3 foarte chic&cool like it <3

  27. Anca says:

    Ce frumos e interiorul magazinului de antichitati! pozele sunt super reusite!

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