Why I love Other People’s Kids but I don’t Want to Have my Own

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ANA-MORODAN-HM-STUDIO-KIDS-1Mara & Ioana Coman and Sasha Badiu and I, all wearing H&M outfits 

Photos by Costrut in the attic of Voila (one place you should really check out)


First of all, because other people’s kids come to visit and don’t stay forever. 

But also because:


  • I have a beautifully wide variety to chose from, so I can enjoy the company of a different kid every day.


  • I can love them, play and have fun with them without worrying whether or not they have eaten, are well, or adjust well at school or kindergarten. There’s a great complexity of thoughts, worries and near-fatal-negligences that roam the minds of even the most laid-back parents.  (lots of mother friends & a best friend kindergarten teacher)


  • I can style them as crazy as I like, and they don’t mind, they have fun with me!


  • I’m the archetype of that crazy distant aunt of yours that fled for a fling back in the 70s, resurfaced briefly in the 80s, settled in a luxurious cottage in the countryside in the 90s, and went to detox in the beginning of the new millennia but only because Kate made it look chic.  Needless to say, the kids are fascinated, my ego is inflated even more, so it’s a win-win. (P.S.: is luxurious cottage an oxymoron? Is it paradoxical? I’ll have to research this for an upcoming project of mine)


  • Kids are unintentional teachers. Ignorance is bliss, they say, and the simple mindedness of a child can reveal more facts of life than a glass of gin thrown at your therapist.


  • Not even one was afraid of tasting gin tonic. Relaxxxx, I did not offer, we just talked about it.



I know, I know, I’m not going before telling you about it. Maria, Ioana & Sasha are wearing outfits from the H&M Studio Collection from S/S17, that’s hitting stores tomorrow (exclusively in Baneasa Shopping City) both physical and online, tomorrow at 10 am. It’s the first time when H&M uses the concept ‘see now, buy now’  so, as soon as the collection has been launched online, it will also be available for purchase. That white dress…maybe you’ll consider making a version for grown-ups , H&Minima-albastru


We thank our little stars – Mara & Ioana Coman and Sasha Badiu –  for baring a little cold while never stopping laughing.

Yes, I have also noticed that I look like I’ve had a mouthful of  Jalapenos. 


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  1. madamada says:

    “Yes, I have also noticed that I look like I’ve had a mouthful of Jalapenos. ” ???

  2. Lidia Binda says:

    cat de frumos e bomberul rosu!!! sper sa faca ceva de genul si pentru “copii mari” :))

  3. manda says:

    Stiu ca sunt pe langa subiect, dar iti ADOR pantofii ??

  4. White Lily says:

    Ma oboseste faptul ca femeile ca noi, care nu isi doresc copii, trebuie mereu sa isi justifice deciziile. Ma bucur tare mult ca vorbesti des despre alegerile tale, poate asa genul acesta de stereotipii va disparea in timp 🙂

  5. mikky says:

    sunteti supebi!!!!

  6. timmie says:

    kids are complicated, but hanging with other people’s kids is always fun 😀

  7. mariana bimbe says:

    I don’t want kids and don’t really like any kids, really 🙁 but these clothes are cute!

  8. FlaFla says:

    Thank you for summing it all up for me. People keep asking me about kids and I can just pass this article on :))

  9. Luminita Iuliana says:

    mereu imi plac mult, mult, muuuult pozele tale cu copii ❤️️

  10. Aniela ❤️️ says:

    Asta e o postate bestiala. Ador tinutele, atitudinea ta, copiii adorabili, absolut tot.

  11. Constance says:

    Sasha’s last outfit is ah-mazing!!

  12. selena stanca says:

    love that shirt-dress-thingie that you’re wearing 😀

  13. pinkemerald says:

    Abia astept noua colectie 🙂

  14. amyy says:

    Ce fetite adorabile :O sunt gemene?

  15. Elvira-Elly says:

    I’d love to have had an aunt as crazy & wonderful as you are ?

  16. pugglover says:

    cuteness overload :X:X:X

  17. Morofan says:

    Prima poza meritata printata si pusa in rama, atat de frumosi sunteti!

  18. mandy says:

    Is an adult wearing that cute oversized bow appropriate?

  19. lollilollipop says:

    You remind me of Miss Peregrine here!

  20. Madalina Karina says:

    Vai, le-as purta pe toate. Le ador mereu colectiile de kids, iar micutii mei si mai si

  21. Cris says:

    E exact alegerea fiecarei femei daca vrea sau nu copii, toate femeile trebuie sa fie respectate pentru alegerile pe care le fac in materie de copii. Insa motivele invocate sunt total puerile. Ceea ce am tradus eu din acest articol e doar fuga de responsabilitati, nu ca ar fi ceva in neregula cu asta, pentru ca la urma urmei fiecare e liber sa faca ce vrea. Ce nu vede nimeni care nu are sau inca nu are copii e faptul ca viata e completa abia dupa. Ce-i drept, e mult mai usor sa traiesti boem decat sa ai grija permanenta de o chestie care oracaie. Dar nici nu trebuie sa explici alegerea facuta, parerea mea.

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Cris, prefer sa imi asum ca nu pot sa ma dedic unui copil asa cum percep eu implicarea totala decat sa-l fac si a nu-i acord atentia cuvenita. Ca viata e completa cu copii sau fara, cred ca nu e un lucru general valabil si poate ar fi mai intelept sa ramana aceasta decizie si norma de viata la alegerea fiecaruia :). Also, motivele invocate sunt evident puerile, nu stiu daca ai prins idee dar aici nu ne luam tot timpul atat de in serios. Unde ne-ar mai fi umorul 🙂 Iar taraitul boem nu are legatura cu faptul ca ai un copil sau nu, are legatura cu o viziune asupra vietii. Cred ca boemie ar fi sa nu ma gandesc la implicatii si doar sa fac un copil in the spur of the moment. 🙂

  22. Anda_Panda says:

    Oare e o problema ca imi plac mereu colectiile de copii mai mult decat cele de adulti?

  23. anna belle says:

    I don’t really like kids in any context, but I have to admit that your friends’ kids are pretty damn cute


    totally agree with you Ana!!! …si ca sa trec la chestii mai neserioase, de unde sunt superbitatile de pantofi? te pup si iti multumesc <3

  25. dalina says:

    Colectia asta ma face sa imi doresc copii doar ca sa ii pot imbraca de la H&M

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