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anamorodan com31I am wearing a Manoush Pre Fall dress, a Topshop headpiece – similar here – and the bracelets… can`t remember from where they are but you can find similar here

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



Ever since I was a little girl my grandmother was always telling me that simplicity, the lack of vulgarity and quality are very important in a woman`s behavior, wardrobe and life course. And between tons of useless items and a few well chosen ones, the last option always wins. I remember how she wisely suggested that I should always care to be liked by people with manners, a certain level of education and class. People who are smarter than me, so that I will always have something to learn from them.

And so I did. I began surrounding myself with creative, smart and very mannered young people and we all grew up learning all kinds of beautiful and useful stuff from each other. Even today I surround myself with smart, refined and intellectual people. ~ The mind, you must always give the mind something new to learn – my grandmother used to say.


Now, getting to the matter at hand – one of the persons in my entourage was a fascinating woman. She cultivated my love for dark, mysterious characters – see Maleficent adoration – she was also the one who finally made me understand that vulgarity is not an attribute I should cultivate – thank God I understood that at an early age – and she also explained me why being an austere doll is sexy and thought-provoking (see Ulyana Sergeenko)


Here are the arguments:


  • people will treat you with a certain reverence and respect – tested, tried, certified – it`s like they acknowledge as soon as they lay eyes on you that you are a rare species
  • `don`t be like the rest of them darling , you`ll be pretty boring` –  it`s what my lady friend was always telling me. And she always told me this, even on the day we met for the last time. After that she got into her car and she and her driver had a fatal accident. They didn`t survive.
  • it`s always the mystery. Keeping the mystery alive. An austere doll reveals only what the special eyes see
  • the Ice Queen vibe and it`s eternal fascination on everybody




Ntz, ntz, ntz, I can feel you, you want to tell me to stop the storytelling and tell you about the awesome dress. Ok, the awesome navy dress is from Manoush`s Pre Fall 2014 Collection, collection which you can already find in their boutique from Promenada Mall. Besides long dresses, which are my love as you know, you can find high-business dresses, cocktail dresses and other items that can make you look like a modern, sophisticated doll.

.Oh, and if you pay them a visit, check their Summer collection Sale also – up to 50% on collectible pieces – you know I adore Manoush and their playful pieces and this long navy dress is just the right item to fall in love with. It is mineeee. Yes, they still have this item, you can find yours also. I took the one with the bigger boob space.







Anetta von Manoushetta

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  1. irina ionescu says:

    rochia e absolut superba! abia astept s-o incerc si eu! imi plac la nebunie rochiile manoush

  2. Veronica007 says:

    abia asteptam pozele astea dupa ce ai postat pe fb making off cu silvia! faceti o echipa super! 🙂

  3. ramona says:

    the dress is just amazing! soooo beautiful!

  4. ionela says:

    the Ice Queen vibe imi place si mie mult mult! si e adevarat, si LOR le place 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. christina k. says:

    Keeping the mystery alive is one of the best strategies 🙂
    I love inspiring people, people who always have somenthing interesting to share with others. They are the people we should want to meet!

  6. Luisa says:

    chiar ca esti o papusa in tinuta asta!

  7. Liz Luiza says:

    esti pe moodul aristocrat , imi place mult! rochiile lungi sunt si preferatele mele, pentru orice ocazie!

  8. Ce tare e rochiaa <3
    Arati minunat, Ana, e o placere sa te urmaresc :*


  9. Sasha says:

    manoush are niste rochii de poveste, pentru toate povestile 🙂 cred ca ti se potriveste stilul lor. de fiecare data reusesti sa creezi povesti frumoase in rochiile lor

  10. gabriela p. says:

    I totally love the bow! it’s magical!

  11. Ana Radu says:

    a giant pink bow. huge surprise. LOVED IT! you are sooooo funny!

  12. liliana says:

    acting is what you should do! you would be a great actress!

  13. Andra says:

    superbe poze! si rochia e absolut minunata!

  14. Erika Toth says:

    I adore Manoush! too bad they don’t have a store in Hungary! you have a really cool blog 🙂

  15. Bianca N. says:

    arati superb in aceasta rochie, Ana! absolut superb!

  16. ramona says:

    stiu sigur ce-o sa fac in weekend: ma duc sa probez aceasta rochie superba!:) 🙂 sa ai o zi splendida, Ana!

  17. Natasha says:

    I love Maleficent too! I think it’s wise to hang out with smarter people. Too few do that

  18. Adriana Iovan says:

    draga Ana, multumesc pentru aceasta postare. Mi-am dat seama ce-mi doresc de ziua mea, care este saptamana viitoare: aceasta rochie superba 🙂 am si batut cateva apropouri acasa 🙂

  19. RalucaS. says:

    iti multumesc pentru ca, cu fiecare postare, imi faci ziua mai frumoasa 🙂

  20. anna wintour says:

    one of my favorite outfits of you!

  21. Paula-Maria says:

    ador povestile despre bunica ta! cred ca a fost o femeie minunata!

  22. Diana Novac says:

    Foarte frumoasa rochia.

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