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1 November 2017 / By / 15 Comments

Hello Internet,


I’ve been frantically away and rare at sight for a few weeks. Working day and night for your TV show is not as glamorous as one might think. But that’s a story for another time. Fact is, I’ve finished this series and slept for a few days in a wonderful Lucca villa shown below but now I’m back and ready to rumble as they say. 


However, during my away-from-the-internet-but-on-tv period of time, some things changed in the online world. And some things stayed the same. 




















Gabriela Dumitran hat – H&M outfit & slides

Photos by Costrut in Tuscany



Here’s a brief follow-up to my notes:


  • A few ladies took the #metoo hashtag and turned it into a worldwide social movement – the world is changing and not in the Handmaiden Tale direction #ThankGod – And don’t even get me started on how some women bashed the movement for various reasons. Long story short – please get informed and know that many real-life changes in the world were made because hashtags, such as these, count as public opinion and they have the power to sway policies. See my point below.


  • Bacanu influenced the changing of an injust law with the power of the internet. See my point above.


  • Simona Halep became No.1 Worldwide in the WTA Classment – very proud that young ladies and us all have such a cool role model to look up to!


  • The Internet reacted against the new financial laws in Romania and we’re again protesting in the streets! Go Millennials and everyone for that matter! Side note: why can’t we protest in summer? Soooo Murphy’s Law, this winter synchronicity


  • Some girls are still frustrated and sending bad vibes. Yeah, so very not feminist of me but I believe in good attitude, no matter if it comes from a man or a woman. 


  • Some girls stayed as predictable as I left them and definitely don’t need tarot readers to predict the future


  • One Twitter employee erased Trump’s account in his last day of work. Not all heroes wear capes #GG


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  1. Olaru Antonia says:

    Ti-am dus dorul, abia astept sa te vad mai des prin online din nou 😀

  2. Nadia says:

    Cred ca a fost super relaxant sa stai acolo, arata extraordinar locul

  3. Pink flamingo says:

    Love love the pants. that print is so subtle & elegant

  4. Petra Lohan says:

    Yaaay, the Queen is back!!!!

  5. Oana Furnea says:

    Please never be gone again, you’re the best <3

  6. Pamela says:

    Chiar ca puteau si ei sa faca schimbarile astea mai devreme sa nu murim iar in frig. Dar oricum, cel mai probabil o fac intentionat 😉

  7. Catherina says:

    I adore your outfit!

  8. Such a beautiful place! 🙂

  9. Paula B says:

    Imi plac de mor ochelarii de soare 💙

  10. Irina says:

    Welcome back!!!

  11. Siri says:

    Internetul a fost plictisitor fara tine ❤️

  12. Miruna POP says:

    Si eu am fost super mandra de ce amploare a luat miscarea me too #GirlPower

  13. Daria says:

    Tot timpul vor fi femei rautacioase, important e ce facem noi, fiecare 😀

  14. Emiliana says:

    I hate people who say you can’t change anything on the internet, it brings people together like nothing else before.

  15. Bimbo says:

    E superba palaria ❤️

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