When A True Story Comes To Life 6 Years After It Happened

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Here`s a story I loved putting it in scene. When Lamonza contacted me asking me if I`ve ever owned one of their suitcases my answer was `yes`! I still own one and it has been my confident partner ever since a few years ago when on a winter evening I boarded a plane to move to Bucharest.

I don`t know how you feel about it but for me Lamonza is just like Rom Chocolate or Magura cake. An evergreen item that reminds me of a moment in time when something meaningful happened in my life. You know, it has always been there, before me growing into a snobbish brat and discovering other brands.


This weekend Serban and I escaped the city for the mountains. And so, my recreation of a long time adventure I lived with this suitcase brand started…


 anamorodan com


It was in 2008, I was not dressed like a mad demoiselle as today but in the wilderness, as today, with this suitcase, getting to my friends lodge. The trouble was that I had told the driver who was supposed to get me there to leave me near another lodge. I`ve mixed things up and ended at 10 km far from the place I should have been.


anamorodan com


Phoned my friends but no one answered so after a few minutes of waiting and no car passing I decided to walk there. Carrying my bag with me. There`s no success on a bumpy road for a midget with a suitcase.


anamorodan com


My salvation was a man who was ridding his horse and offered to give me a lift. On it`s horse…


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

anamorodan com

anamorodan com

anamorodan com

anamorodan com


anamorodan com

anamorodan comI am wearing a Clara Rotescu dress, Louboutin heels and AEP earrings

Photos by Serban Cristea at Popasul Craiului– National Park Piatra Craiului



Long story short, I had to choose between my luggage or me because the horse was not going to carry both of us. He was afraid of me carrying the suitcase on him.



And here`s me in front of this 2 options:

Option 1 – to leave the suitcase there, get on the horse, arrive at the lodge and return after my suitcase.

– Ohh, but my things? What if someone will steal my luggage? No.no.no! Out of the question!

Option 2 – Carry the luggage on the horse and me walking beside it

– But 10 km by foot? A couch potato like me? Ok, fine, as long as I have my luggage with me…



And after 3 hours, I`ve made it. I have arrived at the lodge, with my luggage and stuff intact, with a nerve wrecked horse and a horse owner who said he can`t wait to tell this happening to his grandparents.


So yes, I am fond of my Lamonza luggage. I am fond of all the memories I lived with it and I am never giving it up for good not for a million other shiny suitcases.








Ana von Banana



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  1. lademoisella says:

    Ana, esti sensationala! Iar pozele facute de Serban le recunosti dintr-o mie. Graiesc!

  2. Diana says:

    Ador pozele, rochia e minunata!! Calul e de vis <3

  3. danapana says:

    That is one huuuuge horse!!!!

  4. Carmen Marga says:

    Love the dress! So sexy!

  5. sore says:

    Vai, imi amintesc ca imi doream o valiza ca asta cand eram micuta! Acum am 5, in culori diferite :))

  6. daphne says:

    cool suitcase love the color. Mine is yellow

  7. Bella says:

    Great photos! Love them!

  8. Daria says:

    superba rochia! Gone with the wind- ish 🙂

  9. she_loves_fashion says:

    :)) the midget on the horse is one of the coolwst photos of you!

  10. doria says:

    Vaaaa, Lamonza! Le ador! Raportul calitate pret e excelent iar culorile minunate

  11. Lorryy says:

    you look amazing in red!

  12. rada says:

    splendida rochia, iar pantofii sunt to die for!

  13. Clarissa says:

    horses are amazing creatures! you should take riding lessons, I guarantee you will love them!

  14. andone andreea says:

    superbe fotografiile! iar tu arati minunat pe cal 🙂

  15. ruxxyy says:

    sa vezi cum e sa fii la 10km de destinatie, fara masina si cu o ploiae rece si marunta :)) the horror! si nu, nici eu nu mi-as fi lasat valiza pentru nimic in lume!

  16. gina says:

    superbi cerceii!

  17. paulina b says:

    Lovely scenery and amazing photos!

  18. RAISA says:

    rochia e absolut minunata si cred ca decolteul o face atat de speciala 😉

  19. Selena says:

    Imi amintesc si acum cat de greu mi a fost sa renunt la valiza din facultate. Facuse sute de drumuri cu trenul si vazuse si vreo 4 tari. Tot o Lamonza

  20. sorina says:

    :)) parca te vad abandonata pe marginea drumului. Funny story

  21. Laris Toma says:

    ce exemplar frumos! Absolut superb!

  22. XenaThePrincess says:

    Love the photos! You look amazing!

  23. mara says:

    Stii care e problema cu valizele astea lucioase si frumoase? Angajatii de la aeroport care le arunca pe banda! De fiecare data cand vad asa o frumusete maltratata sunt in pragul unei crize!

  24. nana says:

    great characters in the photos! Like a movie poster

  25. olivia says:

    intotdeauna mi au placut valizele colorate si a ta chiar e superba!

  26. Ancutza says:

    draguta povestea, da n as fi avut curaj not on a million years sa ma urc pe cal!

  27. rada says:

    Ador dantela, mai ales cea rosie! Iar condurii sunt minune!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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