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27 May 2013 / By / 9 Comments

Ana;s super wine

Contesa de Morodan had too much wine

glach, glach, glcach

Hello friendsss

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Photos by Serban Cristea




C’monnnn! Don’t tell me it didn’t happen to you too?

So? What should we do if somehow we drink a little too much of…anything? Anything that can buzz our mind that is.

I for one, after I passed the “I am not going home, I’m staying here to dance on the table” phase, I started to politely smile (sure, most of the times it’s not a polite smile but a dumb one) try to stand up right and head for the door.

If you have a certain age and you had some wild teenage years and gained some practice you develop a certain self control and moderation but what is there to do when you have to take some pictures but you got a little tipsy earlier?!?

You look like a cracked mushroom like the person above. By the way! Who is she? She looks like a cracked mushroom with some stylish pants!

Speaking about stylish, Ana Alexe, I want these amazingly chic pants!





 .Tipsy Ana

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  1. traviata mircea says:

    hello dear, i do not admit to anything you are implying above!

  2. toma says:

    lovely pants!

  3. kiss the rain says:

    hahahaha very funny :)) you go girl!

  4. justanotherana says:

    mais c’est tres tres chic! j’adore le pantalon!

  5. viviana cu gust says:

    ha i would not have the courage to tell the world avout it, but you as always says things that no one else dears to. you rule! and what can you do? enjoy it, no?

  6. tamara is here says:

    OMG OMG OMG love this style, the trousers are absolutely gorgeous and i love the earings. well done

  7. Iuliana says:

    you rock girl!

  8. Cristina Soos says:

    Ha ha … buna asta 😉
    vorbesc intruna si am gura pana la urechi :0
    I’m the queen of the world !!!

  9. Zadin says:

    The lady above looks HAPPY… there’s nothing illegal about that!

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