What `Get Specific About Your Goals` Actually Means

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26 March 2016 / By / 12 Comments

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When Corina called me and suggested that I should have an app I said No. I`ve told you. It was two years ago. I was not feeling it at all. Then she insisted and started to point out arguments.

Pfff…why…why…why…?!?! I was feeling so tired and another work load was not on my To Do list. But she kept holding on to her story that an App would be the future. #fine #ok #welldoit  


-What should I do about it? Should I create it or not? Should I wait? Should I launch it now?


My eternal questions regarding this app. Once per week I was trying to answer one of these questions. And it was because I was afraid. Afraid of another work load, of not having a clear picture of how this app should look like, what should the content reveal, and so on. 


First of all, we sat down and made a plan. Then, I`ve skyped with Iunia, our graphic designer, to tell her about this new project. Then I sad down with my branding team, after that with my office team, then got back to Corina with a brief and some ideas. Then we sat down again with the whole app team and discussed about how we were going to implement what all of us agreed to be the best idea we could come up with. 

After that the developing, strategy and marketing meetings began. I swear to God I wanted to give up a million times. The pic you see above is from one of our final Morodan App meetings. Can you tell that I`m completely lost in translation there?


Now, three weeks after we launched it, my final inventory looks like this:


As far I can remember, I had:


  • 6 strategy meetings with my branding team



  • 58 email exchanges with Iunia on the graphic and layout matter


  • 34 emails sent with Iunia and Corina in the same discussion


  • 5 marketing meetings with Vlad, Claudiu and Antonia


  • more than 70 phone calls with everyone involved


  • 19 hours on selecting the pics and finding the correct size for the Looks chapter 


  • 16 emails and 2 face to face meetings with Gabi for the it/programming – shit I can`t understand


Thanks to this experience I found out the importance of being specific about my dreams and goals. The importance of turning my dreamer side into a Do-er to be able to fulfil my  goals. Taking it step by step, not giving up even if you are afraid and full of doubts and digging deeper into the situation until you own it were not easy tasks but we`ve come this far. Now we are ready to go even further. We`re building new content for the App already. I can`t wait to see how this app is going to change and grow every month. 8b









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  1. Remi Maria says:

    La fel de pierduta as fi fost si eu, chiar nu le am cu tehnoligia. Dar a meritat sa lupti, e grozava aplicatia!

  2. Marina Ionescu says:

    M-am uitat aseara la ce ai adaugat nou si imi place tare mult ce vad, sunt chiar curioasa ce noutati vei aduce in viitor…

  3. clare says:

    Your app is very cool, kudos for not giving up!

  4. Diana Horon says:

    Esti cea mai tare din parcare cu aplicatia asta, Moro! :))

  5. ilinca says:

    Ma bucur ca exista si bloggeri ca tine, care sunt mai mult decat un manechin, care ne spun mai multe decat “am purtat rochia x, CUMPARA AICI”, care ne ajuta sa devenim mai buni, mai confident si sa nu ne dam batute cand vine vorba de visele noastre.

  6. Roger says:

    Good job not giving up! Downloaded your app from day one, it’s the coolest!

  7. anto antonia says:

    ce tari sunt inelele! <3

  8. clau says:

    Nu mi-ar fi trecut prin gand ca e chiar atat de complicat sa faci a aplicatie, eu probabil as fi clacat de mult in locul tau, bravo!

  9. Anastasia says:

    Wow, poza e SUPERBA… imi plac accesoriile tare, tare 🙂

  10. renata_reni says:

    Trebuia sa incluzi si cate ginuri tonice a necesitat toata operatiunea ???

  11. ROMINA says:

    It’s been a lot of work indeed, but it was worth it, your app is pretty cool

  12. Tina Xtina says:

    My God, so much work! I would’ve quit somewhere between the 10th and the 15th phone call hahaa!!

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