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17 May 2012 / By / 5 Comments

Last week I was invited to a Royal Garden Party at the Elisabeta Palace. I got psyched about it, because (and I know you are perfectly aware of it) of my passion for aristocracy and royal figures.

It was sort of a Romanian version of Ascot – creative hats, beautiful people, etiquette and the Royal Family. Who showed us once again a lesson of modesty and true education.

It was a special event and I am very honored that I was invited to attend. Kristina Dragomir designed a head accessory especially for me and I felt like a little Morticia who gets to visit the Palace.

Tried to be precious and maybe I could have even succeeded if I didn’t left my car in the middle of nowhere and had to walk two miles on foot. When I got looking like a mushroom. But these are just details of an space out little person. Never mind.



 Kristina looking creative and stylish like always!

Ioana, the beautiful one! 

And here are my favorite hats from the event.


For more photos from the event, visit

Now, before you go get drunk over the weekend, don’t forget about the amazing, royal like chair, from Our Design you can win! Just follow the steps!


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  1. That is greatest fascinator I have ever seen!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. Ooh it sounds so fun!! You look amazing 😀 I love that hat

  3. Lucky you! Darn, wish I could have taken a plane to Ro. But you do look regal like that! 😀 :*

    (And wasn’t I Morticia? 😛 :)) )

  4. Anna says:

    You really looked precious! 🙂
    You will not look like a mushroom even if you walk 20 miles on foot! Or at least you will look like an extremely stylish mushroom ;).

  5. Kristen says:

    Your headpiece is amazing. You look absolutely fabulous. I am so happy I found this post. You’re brilliant.

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