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23 November 2012 / By / 3 Comments

I’m sure you have seen that big, blue banner under my header this week.

I like to think that we – you guys and me – are a different kind of persons. That we love fashion and jewelry and clothes but this isn’t the only thing that defines us. That we are also sensitive persons, educated, respectful and not selfish human beings.

What it happens in the world right now are not positive things, people become more bitter and mean to each other, everyone is fighting only for his own good and tolerance and doing something for the people in need became almost a dream.

In these times I think it’s very important to not forget our humanity and help any way we can to re-establish the harmony of this world.


This first campaign is one of the few that you will see on High Street Cardigans I said  “yes”  to when asked  to be a part of. I will most certainly do many of these kind of activities because being kind and giving back should be on everyone’s agenda.

It costs you only 2 euro (that cup of Starbucks you buy to take a picture of it) and you can help a child who needs this and has no one to turn to because he’s abandoned or his parents are to poor.
It beaks my heart seeing those children and I’m not a mother yet, but I want to become one someday. Think about that. Think that we might be in that position, to not be able to feed or supply our new born with the things he needs.
Be kind – cause one day, people won’t remember your outfits, they will just remember your actions.

And so that you understand that what I’ve just told you is not a drama, it’s just a little action that we all must do.Here’s something you can do in the same time:





Wearing my glamorous 1930 earrings from VintageBazaar.ro
Photos by Serban Cristea


Dear God/Universe,

thank you for inventing jewelry, statement jewelry to be exact. Thank you also for inventing the term “vintage” and thank you for Ana – the owner of Vintage Bazaar.ro who always keeps her best options for me.
  I always adored them, ever since I was a child and my grandmother would give me her broken ones to play with. Their sparkle, their almost forbidden beauty and the stories they could tell…Ohhh, so decadent. And they remained until this day my favorites when it comes to womanly things.
Shoes are not my obsession, I love clothes but only a certain kind and I can’t buy cheap bags but when it comes to shiny, new jewelry…well, thank God for my years of education cause if not I most certainly would transform myself in the Bridezilla corespondent for jewelry – Jewelzilla. Ok, ok, I’m loosing it.
But I’m sure you must relate to that magical feeling of finding a jewel that makes your eyes sparkle and you mind tells you that you are the chosen one, you found it.
You know something? For me that moment when I found a piece that charms me and my jewelry collection (which I’m very proud of, maybe I’ll show it to you someday) are among my best little life experiences.
After reading this it’s easy to guess what’s my Snobbish Advice of the week no?
Find the jewels that make you feel special, search for that special ones, try to buy the ones that don’t look cheap, don’t wear them all at once cause the focus will not be on you and we still want us to wear jewels and clothes not the other way around and most of all, let them tell you a fairytale, your fairytale.

You don’t need to have tons, it’s enough to have a few pieces that can spice up you outfits but that few pieces have to be spectacular.

See? You can help other and be glamorous in the same time. How amazingly cool is that?


See you tomorrow with more exciting news.

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  1. I’m with you on this one..my heart skips a beat when I see a beautiful piece of jewelry, especially if it’s vintage and even more so if it belonged to my grandmother (I used to play with the broken ones, too, when I was a kid).

    Anyway, I must say that these earrings are show-stoppers and you just have to show us the rest of your collection 🙂


  2. stilistele says:

    great initiarive to take part in this campaign! & love the earrings, yeah

  3. Mii de multumiri pentru sustinere, Ana!

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