Vanity, my favorite sin

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21 November 2011 / By / 17 Comments
True Vintage dress, Nico’s gifted shoes

 . © Chloé des Merveilles


That’s what one of my friends`s favorite sayings. I would add procrastination to my favs too.

We’ll be talking tonight about mixing basics with trends at Moir concept store. Stop by if you wanna have a little fun with all the clothes and accessories and also know each other. More info here
It would be pointless to say how out of this world that carousel is in autumn.




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  1. Ana Ciorici says:

    Frumoasa rochitsa..frumoasa tu ca de obicei :))

  2. Diana says:

    you are such a sweetheart!!!
    looking stunning like always!


  3. Love the location and the outfit is stunning as always.

  4. kittenhood says:

    and perhaps my favorite photoshoot of you 🙂 love the dress and shoes and the setting is dreamy!

  5. bloo. says:

    OH! Amazing outfit, great job dear ;-))


  6. Love the dress! You look amazing as per usual 🙂

  7. Arielle says:

    That red dress really pops against that awesome carousel! Beautiful as always.


  8. Alina says:

    Superbe poze! Iar tu esti minunata, ca de obicei!

  9. That carousel is awesome!! You look so cute & that sparkly red dress is perfect love love LOVE!!

  10. Anaivilo says:

    Is it deserted? Because I really fancy that idea! :D:X Lovely photos, you look stunning in that dress! 😀

  11. modniza says:

    beautiful,Ana! love your dress! xoo

  12. colorsdiary says:

    let us know about the futures events, I wanna come and see you, gorgeous 🙂

  13. Simos says:

    simply wow! and what a lovely dress… the perfect red dress 🙂

  14. So beautiful and hot! I love the photos, you look va-va-voomy!:)))

  15. Sing says:

    Great vintage dress and the photos are so fun.

  16. Anonymous says:

    truly inspiring! could you tell us where can we find that deserted carousel? is it in bucharest?

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