Two Glamour Magazine features are Better Than One

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12 June 2017 / By / 3 Comments

I’m very thankful for these two features in Glamour Magazine. Especially for the Beauty Typologies one. I always hear that people wonder how I became so popular since I don’t have a model-like body, my face is not Cindy Crawford’s (yet – nothing a “little” plastic surgery can’t fix) (joke, j-o-k-e, relax, you guys) and I’m not exactly a trendy fashionista (more like a dark and slightly out of fashion Luisa Casati in disgrace – although I’m getting a cheetah soon, so that will change). 

Well people, stop wondering & gossiping (just kidding, keep gossiping, it keeps me young) and read my answers in the June issue of Glamour Magazine, have a gin and just remember that the world is filled with beautiful / fashionable women who, luckily, don’t always fit in the same cliche. And everyone who is different stands out. That’s pretty much it. Oh, and you also need a little bit of brain. But juuuust a little. You know how they say, too much pudding can choke a dog (adica ce-i prea mult strica).


June – 2017







May – 2017





Special thanks go to the awesome Glamour team!


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  1. Oana Carmen says:

    Mi-a placut enorm de mult ce ai spus in articolul despre frumusete fara tipare ❤️

  2. Ardell Alina says:

    Loooove, ce frumoasa e poza din revista de luna asta, ador pisicile alea

  3. Daria B. says:

    Le am pe amandoua, a fost o surpriza super placuta sa dau de tine in ele!

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