Trends Come and Go, You Wear Your Skin Forever

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6 September 2016 / By / 17 Comments
Trends Come and Go, You Wear Your Skin Forever

I remember the first time I read that. I was in awe for a few seconds because I realized that it was not just an empty statement, it was actually a truth we tend to neglect. You know, at 20 you think you’ll look like that forever. At 30 you think you’re maybe at your best and a few vitamins and sports will keep your body in its current state. But what have you thought that it may not be enough?






A few years ago, when I went on a press trip, we had a long party one night and I slept without removing my make-up. The next morning I sat at breakfast besides one of the best beauty specialists in Romania. She saw me, her jaw dropped and for the next hour I’ve been trained, educated and initiated into the damage I was doing to my face. 4b That morning I also learned that only using make-up removing solutions is not enough. Because those are toxic for the face if you leave them on. The proper end of a cleansing ritual after removing your make-up is washing your face. Fact confirmed by my dermatologist friend, Oana Spanu.




Fine, ok, I’ll do that, I need to start respecting my body and start preserving my youth in a responsible manner. So the search for the most efficient face cleansers began: trying, testing dozens of products. The supreme goal was finding one that would leave my face clean and feeling fresh. Then the gadgets took over the market. Everybody was talking about them, everybody had a different opinion about each of them and I was starting to go a little insane, almost convinced that I will have to go out and buy them all. And as you know me, that’s exactly what I did.





Photos by Nico Grigore 


After a year and a half I’ve owned and tested every cleansing gadget on the market. Well, at least the top four in this category, I stopped at FOREO. Not because it’s the coolest, not because this company is innovative and not because the top beauty specialists in the world recommend it. Although all these aspects really scored some points in my mind. However, Foreo Luna wins my vote because:


  • The LUNA™ facial brush and anti-ageing device channels T-Sonic™ pulsations for gentle exfoliation that’s designed for everyday use and which proved to be very efficient for my skin care routine

  • It has one cool anti-ageing feature, it stimulates collagen production

  • It’s made out of silicone and it’s the most hygienic cleanser gadget on the market


You can find a Foreo Luna device for any skin type. I’m using the one for mixed combination skin but if you want to get familiar with the Foreo products here you can find all their range. 


I’m not a hoarder as you know, I’m trying and testing many things but once I find the right one I stick to that and that’s final. So yeah, I’ll keep you posted about how life in the beauty world goes at 31. The cleansing part, which I’ve heard is the most important, is solved. On to the next phase. 




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  1. Chiara says:

    So true 🙂

  2. Larisa C. says:

    Vai, Ana, pantofii…. :X:X:X

  3. Georgiiiii says:

    Am auzit de instrumentul acesta de la Foreo dar am fost sceptica.. E chiar asa grozav?!

  4. Ev says:

    Such a great post dear and amazing photos as always!

  5. Anda Carolina Enescu says:

    Stiu ca sunt off topic, dar me mine m-a cucerit tapetul!

  6. J. Raluca says:

    Asta chiar ca asa e. Eu mi-am neglijat mult timp tenul si acum imi pare rau…

  7. Veronica says:

    Iti ADOR pantofii!!!

  8. Tea says:

    Niciodata nu ma culc fara sa ma demachiez, dar nu stiam ca e toxic daca solutia iti ramane pe piele 🙁

  9. LadyD says:

    Sexy 😉

  10. Cristinuta says:

    f fain device-ul foreo, si eu il am

  11. Sabina Pop says:

    A treia poza, in oglinda, cu pantofii aceia superbi, e magnifica <3

  12. Carol Anastasia says:

    esti superba si ai dreptate, ingrijitul pielii e unul dintre cele mai importante rituale din viata unei femei 🙂 Eu am mare grija de pielea mea si ma bucur ca vorbesti despre subiecte de genul, multe fete tinere ignora total subiectul demachiatului

  13. Mariuca says:

    Foreo Luna e on my wishlist 😀

  14. Biannca says:

    Mother of pearls, literalmente :)) Foarte cool

  15. Stefana O. says:

    Esti o frumoasa, sa vede ca ai grija de pielea ta 😀

  16. Camelia says:

    Ai testat produsele Paula’s Choise ?
    Sunt divine,gelul de curatare,uleiul cu acidul hyaluronic,produsele de exfoliere BHA si AHA,cremele de protectie solara toate sunt produse testate(Nu Pe Animale)Nu contin alcohol,nici parfum ci ingrediente care iti mentin tenul proaspat,curat si anti-imbatranire.
    Have a look:)

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