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12 April 2015 / By / 23 Comments





Hello people,


We`ve finally managed to supply the new items on the Morodan Shop platform. Ever since a month and a half ago, when we went live, we`ve literally been hectic on delivering all the orders (do you understand now why lately I`m waking up at 7 am every morning?) getting more packaging and supplies, talking with the factories to get things done on time, talking with our chic customers, struggling to find a proper place for our showroom and so on. It`s been a BIG first month for us. We worked hard but we also got things done and it was about time to get some of our Spring delights out of the sleeve.


Here are my first Spring loves. Needless to say that I adore the animal print dress. A remake after one of my old dresses I wear it almost non stop with sport shoes or heels – stay tuned to see a styling I did for a shooting. We also added some Basics with a twist I am really into this Spring.


Yes, this is how our Spring will look like: sensual, chic, radiant, lady like with a bit of edginess, graceful and unforgettable. You like yourself when wearing one of my dresses. Nope, this affirmation is not marketing, it`s my strong belief ana-9









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  1. Ionela says:

    visez la Seductive Spring in toate culorile 🙂

  2. High Heels says:

    Love the spring collection, the animal print dress is my fav also 😉

  3. Finca Oana says:

    Superbe toate, Ana draga! Felicitari pentru acest proiect minunat

  4. Alice says:

    Love them, they have such a feminine touch

  5. Paula says:

    Rochia basic neagra e preferata mea

  6. anca says:

    ❤️ the Lolitas 😉

  7. Julia says:

    I find myself in many of the Morodan shop dresses, but I must admit the deco section is sooo close to my heart

  8. Anca says:

    Draga mea, am deja doua rochii pe care le ador, parca au fost croite pentru mine! Abia astept sa-mi maresc colectia pretioasa 🙂

  9. Sara says:

    The Pink Lolita is perfect, I love it!

  10. danna says:

    animal print ❤️

  11. Coco says:

    The Lolita dress is pure femininity 😉

  12. fashionlover says:

    totally love the new dresses

  13. Mirabela says:

    Draga Ana,

    Iti multumesc ca te ai gandit sa ne oferi aceste rochii simple si frumoase care sunt din ce in ce mai greu de gasit.

    O zi minunata!

  14. iulia says:

    eu nu port roz dar pentru Lolita m-as sacrifica intr-o clipa :))

  15. Daria Stroe says:

    Sunt foarte frumoase si abia astept colectia de vara 🙂 ma si vand in niste rochii lungi vaporoase

  16. adelina says:

    eu le-as purta pe toate cu turban :))))

  17. Kiki says:


  18. aurora stoica says:

    sunt minunate, draga mea! Felicitari pentru aceasta reusita importanta

  19. Silvia says:

    Uite cum ma convingi tu sa fac lucruri 🙂 am inceput sa fac sport, am incercat si detox cu sucuri, urmeaza sa am si prima piesa animal print :))))))

  20. coco chanel says:

    You look amazing in all of them

  21. Edna says:

    Count me in for a Seductive Spring 😉

  22. Denisa Ivascu says:

    Sunt minunate toate. Preferata mea este Flirty Lolita. 😀

  23. Bookish says:

    Flirty Lolita este preferata mea 🙂

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