This Weekend I’ll Be One of The Speakers for TEDxAlba Iulia

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20 February 2017 / By / 11 Comments

This Weekend I’ll Be One of The Speakers for TEDxAlba Iulia. Needless to say, I am honored, and I know I have some big shoes to fill. I was terribly inspired by  the incredible women ( such as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Meera Vijayann or Sheryl Sandberg) who held speeches at these conferences, and I hope that I can give you at least an ounce of the strength and drive they’ve given me.


I’ve been invited to two TEDx events and I’ve chosen to speak at TEDxAlba Iulia. It was the topic that incited me, really. It’s something that I am passionate and ever inquisitive about, something that I try to do today, every day: Challenging Tomorrow. 

It’s not something that either I or anybody else does successfully all the time. But practice makes perfect, right? I’ve been pondering about one aspect on which we should focus these days; one aspect which is far more important than technology or appearance. I can’t wait to talk about it and to get your thoughts and feedback on the matter.


I’m currently in Cluj, shooting the Morodan Shop collection, which I’m starting to love more and more by the minute, but on Saturday I’ll be in Alba-Iulia for the TED conference. I know some of you are attending, which deeply flatters me, as it always does, so we’ll see each other there. inima-albastru

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  1. carmina says:

    Felicitari! Va aparea si pe Youtube inregistrare?

  2. miloulou says:

    wow this is amazing, congrats ❤️️

  3. daniele_micu says:

    Mi-ar fi placut super mult sa te vad, dar din pacate nu am cum sa ajung 🙁

  4. gratiela says:

    Ted Talks have inspired me all my life. I can’t wait to hear yours.

  5. gallicia says:

    love that photo of you!

  6. LadyM says:

    Eu vin, abia astept sa te vad ??

  7. minette says:

    Damn it. Fix weekendul asta sunt plecata din tara…

  8. marni says:

    Cat de tare, bravo Ana!!!

  9. DarkDaria says:

    I would love to listen to it! Is there a chance that the video will have subtitles?

  10. Aniela M says:

    Ce cool! Cum se participa? Exista bilete sau e pe baza de invitatie? Mi-ar placea foarte mult sa te vad 😀

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