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22 February 2018 / By / 7 Comments

Do you remember a while back when I told about Morodan TV? Well, its time has come. Our own reality show will air this March. I wish I’d say I am thrilled but right now I am still trying to understand why do we need so many cameras and microphones and osmo’s (wtf is an osmo?!?!) and, and, and! most of all, I don’t want to pay for all of these!!! I need diamonds not devices. Anyways, no chance, we said we’re doing it, so we’re doing it. 


Here’s the first #TheMofficeShow teaser. Yes, it will be raw and real content! Yes, we’ll script it a bit just to manage to make 10 minutes episodes. Because if it were for me, we would have 3 hours episodes. Yes, #TheMofficeShow comes from #TheMuppetsShow. And yes, I am the treal terrorized person in the M office not the other way around. #lie 





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  1. Dana Vic says:

    Ti-ai gasit nasul 🙂 sunteti foarte comici, abia astept serialul

  2. Flavia F says:

    Nu se poate asa ceva… cum sa fii “buna la bai la Herculane”… :))))))) Claude e genial!

  3. Andrada Anda says:

    “Fitz copilul” e o minune de motan. Trebuie sa fie personaj principal.
    sunteti foarte tari. Bravo!!

  4. Madalina Mihai says:

    Mi-ai inseninat ziua. Abia astept proiectul asta!!!

  5. Oana Pop says:

    Felicitari, Ana! sunt sigura ca va fi un succes pentru ca tot ce faci tu e WOW. Ma bucur sa vad ca vii mereu cu alte idei fata de tot ceea ce fac ceilalti bloggeri & vloggeri. Reality show… this is the next step v-project! #GOODLUCK

  6. Fifi Gabi says:

    E clar ca la voi e o distractie non-stop… deci MOffice rocks!

  7. Anca Dia says:

    <3 COOL <3 FUN <3 MORODAN <3

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