#TheMofficeShow – Morodan TV’s first big project – Climbing The Ladder of Success? Nahhh

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27 February 2018 / By / 14 Comments

Told you a bit here about what we’re going to do.


The motivation? 


I keep hearing about video content becoming major – of course, I know this for some time now, but today is becoming imperative – so I thought that instead of doing unboxings, make-up videos and other white noise contents, which bore me to death both as a viewer and as a content creator, maybe it would be better to just create video content around my daily activities. So basically that’s what I`m going to do. 

If we’ll be funny, crazy or entertaining… we don’t know. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t. The fact is we want to keep the content as real as possible. Because that’s something not so common you can see on the internet nowadays. 



Got these climbing shoes as a gift from my life partner a while ago. Never used them. This was me trying to climb the door to make a postcard for his 25 years of climbing celebration. 

Also, got me thinking, in life it`s better to always look up & move forward, and if you feel tired of walking or feel down, climb, crawl but never, never, never give up! 



#TheMofficeShow #TheMoffice


 *yes, I tried a few outfits, it was my life partner’s celebration, I wanted to look nice. Well, ended up sendingg the one with the pajama. 



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  1. Dana R says:

    Tu n-ai putea niciodata sa faci unboxing-uri si prezentari de rujuri. Nu sunt pentru tine. 😉
    Good luck, girl! xox

  2. Andrei Alex says:

    Am murit de ras. :))) o sa fiti portia noastra de buna dispozitie :)))

  3. Oana Ony says:

    Nu sunteti normali #CLAR :))))
    Cand o sa inceapa serialul?

  4. Raluca Negreanu says:

    Mai, Morodan, numai tu poti sa fii sexy si sa arati bine si atunci cand esti catarata pe o usa… deci n-ai egal, iti zic! 😉

  5. Alessia M says:

    Cine e baiatul asta cu gluga neagra? E nou in echipa ta…
    Abia astept sa-l vad pe minunatul de Fitz. <3

  6. Dia Didi says:

    Ai noroc de oameni minunati in jurul tau. Sa-i pretuiesti si sa-i tii aproape. Succese! pup

  7. Flory F says:

    Rochia cu trena e wow. De la ce designer e?

  8. Denisa Ion says:

    Asta inseamna sa vrei si sa poti sa fii deasupra tuturor; a-ti doresti sa faci altceva decat toti si in acelasi timp, mai mult. Eti foarte tare, Ana!! Meriti toate laudele si toata sustinerea noastra. Abia astept sa vad noul proiect. Multa bafta.

  9. Ruxi Rux says:

    Abia astept sa va vad pe toti. O sa fie o dementa!!! :))))))

  10. Petra Pipa says:

    Asta o sa fie the new KUWTK, varianta Bucuresti, sector 2 :)))) Teserele sunt un deliciu

  11. Ank Ancuta says:

    Sa aveti succes cu noul proiect sa-l vedem si la televizor !! 😉

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