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25 March 2017 / By / 12 Comments


Just to clear the air, sexy does not equate to platinum blonde hair, duck faces and silicone. Unless that silicone is in your ass and it looks like KimK’s!

I’m joking ladies, you can put the pitchforks down and listen on. In all actuality, I feel like sexy has a lot more to do with attitude and mannerisms than with your ownership of the latest Vetements sweatshirts. And the first thing social butterflies should invest in is an ST: Sophistication Teacher. An old lady (best-case-scenario: the love child of Margaret Thatcher, Catrine Deneuve and Audrey Hepburn) who can teach you how to walk, talk, and genuinely impress. Because that Gucci clutch you (and at least 6 other close friends of yours) indulged in, won’t do that.


Phots by Mihail Onaca


After a strictly documented research, here are some sexify-ing (is this a word?) things you can do, that cost NADA(totally digging this aspect), which can be a fast track towards the popular veneration of your inner Goddess



  • We all want to be praised and liked and whatever, but being an attention whore is not sexy, it’s desperate. And pity is not the kind of response you are looking for, ladies. Don’t run around spending huge amounts of money on every ephemeral “IT” piece just to impress people. That’s not style. That’s just showing off. And that, again, is not sexy. Relax, enjoy the ride, things will roll. Be detached and learn to have some joie de vivre. It’s super sexy.
  • Being overly exposed and flirty on insta stories is so old that I have to search for the archaic spelling of passe. Doing the duck face and flipping your hair like you are the new Emmanuelle will only prove that you are not. Try posing without makeup and showing us candid parts of your life. It makes me think that you are real, with a devil-may-care attitude and very courageous for going agains the flow. Also, it makes me be absolutely sure that you aren’t trying to impress anyone. That’s very sexy.
  • A few months ago I asked two of my friends for a few tips on taking some sexy pics for my partner. Not porn, we have private tabs for that, but that boudoir-y feeling shots, with that sexy vibe. The first one told me to wear some steaming hot lingerie and pose sensually. Meh. The other one, though, said: “You know, just take a pic of yourself in the morning, in your pyjamas, and uncover a little bit of your shoulder.” Needless to say, I loved this. And do you know why? Becase “SEND NUDES” should be a mysterious, hinted and implied situation. Because that’s sexy.
  • In a room filled with people who might intimidate you with their possessions or lifestyle, take a lesson from me and do what I did. Keep your head high, straighten your mass market skirt, and walk in there knowing what you’re worth without shouting the price. Success comes to those who work for it, not those who fake it. That’s drop-dead sexy.


But most importantly, don’t forget this: us women, we are living times when we can be whatever the hell we want to be. And if these things above don’t translate as sexy to you, I’ll be the first one to admit that I didn’t find the Holy Grail and that I do not have the one correct truth. And maybe sexy isn’t even the attribute for you, why not pick something else? Or better yet, why pick one at all?

So relax, be free, be authentic. And that sexy thing will come with it, as a bonus!

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  1. You look amazing!
    Great post. Thanks dear 🙂

  2. gina says:

    adoooor prima poza, e mega sexy 😀

  3. Amanda Diana says:

    Eu as mai adauga si rujul rosu la lista. Mi se pare ca nimic nu e mai effortless si mai sexy decat rujul rosu.

  4. Fashionista says:

    that second photo is so sensual ?

  5. Ramo says:

    This SO much!!! I miss the days when one in three photos in my insta feed wasn’t a damn duck face

  6. Danuta says:

    Si eu sunt de acord cu prietena ta, o poza in pijamale, care sa nu para ca “you’re trying too hard” e mult mai sexi si senzuala decat orice poza fortata si scenarizata in lenjerie.

  7. amalie says:

    The moment we stop trying to impress others and to be something else than what we really are, we become sexy 🙂

  8. Magda Dumitru says:

    I am loving your obsession for Chinese/Japanese prints lately, you have the coolest pieces

  9. Dayana says:

    Eu cred ca indiferent cate itemuri de brand ai avea, lenjerie, propsuri, etc, nimic nu te face mai sexy ca atitudinea potrivita

  10. diary of eve says:

    wow wow wow, you are stunning ?

  11. Mariana Frivolu says:

    Keep it simple, stupid! The perfect recipe for everything, being sexy included 🙂

  12. lavi lavinia says:

    “us women, we are living times when we can be whatever the hell we want to be” this right here ?

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