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shoes Steve Madden, Vintage Bazaar dress, Asos jewelry



Let me ask you something…

But before asking you the big question, let me ask you a smaller one.

 Do you have people whom you admire?  I’m not talking about the dead ones ok? Stop thinking at Picasso, Dali, Freud, Marx or Diana Vreeland. Nor the internationally known people.

I’m talking about the people near you, someone who you secretly admire, like your work colleague who always dresses stylish, your best friend, cause she always has the smart answer for anything and she manages to stay out of trouble, your gym partner who always gets the best catches.

Most of you will not find an answer instantly.


Let me tell you why (yes, yes, I’m the smartest), because we often tend to envy the people near us rather than to admire them. We think that it’s degrading to tell someone close to us that we admire him/her, what if they will consider us weak or worst case scenario, it will make us look uncool.

Now, my question for you is  How many people around you do you envy?

Ok, I’m gonna stop being the wise midget around. I wore a  lady like outfit for God sake, swearing is out of the question today.

Now, moving along from the brainiac department to the cool stuff around. Molecule F developed a new addictive project – Chic Tech Fashion Blog presented by Intel.

Chic Tech Fashion Blog  is a virtual place where fashion and technology are perfectly harmonized. Because nowadays gadgets are an important aspect of our lives, influencing in the same time our productivity and our style, Molecule F  is updating us with all the cool and must haves regarding technology, with this project.

Click and see for yourself.



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  1. i absolutely love your outfit and the black balloon is wonderful in these photos! you look gorgeous!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  2. Regina G says:

    these are the kinds of looks/photos, I love you for!!

  3. Imi place foarte mult tinuat, simpla dar eleganta, iar trandafiri sunt superbi! XO

  4. toytulip says:

    I admire you! 😀 did you see that coming? 😛

    I don’t envy a lot of people and when I happen to stumble upon this feeling it’s always someone different… pretty random!

    😀 Have a great spring! 😀

  5. You look sooo gorgeous!!!
    and stop being so philosophical, haha 😉

  6. modniza says:

    La multi ani Ana! sa fii iubita! xoo

  7. stilistele says:

    Sfanta Ana, esti divina in aceasta tinuta (bine, nu doar in asta:))! intru nitel sa vad despre ce este vorba pe molecule f- tare place tehnica 😉

  8. kittenhood says:

    gorgeous, gorgeous outfit! the dress is beautiful and it couldn’t look any better than the way you styled it <3

  9. There is SUCH a thin line between admiration and envy..I don’t even know why I admire some and envy others :))

    Anyway, I adore these photos, the dress and the “props” you used :).


  10. Dorina says:

    Vai cat de frumoasa e rochia! Si florile! Si fotografiile! Si tu! :))
    Astazi te admir pe tine.
    Esti superba.

  11. georgi says:

    oh my! this dress is The Perfect! and is a vintage bazaar dress… God dammit!

  12. PEPA says:

    Awesome look & pics my dear! <3

  13. Emanuel I. says:

    Foarte interesant topic!
    Printre persoanele pe care le admir esti cu siguranta si TU…
    De invidiat?Hmm…alta data.
    Cat despre proiectul Molecule F: e foarte interesant.Chiar s-au inventat deja atatea gadget-uri care au devenit MUST incat le putem numi…FASHION GADGETS!

  14. Anaivilo says: admire someone.. no, perhaps not, because I realise that admiration might turn into envy and frustration. So I might envy a lot of people, but never friends.

    And the dress you are wearing is really really lovely! 😀

  15. very nice dress and i love your photos!!

  16. colorsdiary says:

    awesome dress

  17. just claudia says:

    Uuuuh, the big question :> Intrebare capcana 🙂 Ai dreptate, parca tendinta e de a invidia, si nu de admira . Asta ar trebui sa ne puna mai multe semne de intrebare 😀 ….

    Super cute rochita, exprimi …primavara … 🙂

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