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9 May 2012 / By / 10 Comments
Zara heels, H&M skirt, Levi’s shirt, I Became Addicted ring
Photos by Andrei (the Law student)

I was crossing the street the other day, getting to my car, when a voice behind me says  “Ana, you look great today!”

Turn my head and who do I see? A cute little Law student (found out he’s a Law student after we started talking).
Long story short, he told me that he loves High Street Cardigans and that his girlfriends are big fans and asked me if he can take some pictures of my outfit with his new camera. I said “yes“, obviously, with a grin on my face and feeling like Dynasty’s Alexis.

My first impulse is to tell you how nice and wonderful he portrayed me but my sense of modesty is somehow stopping me. Yes, I know it does not appear this way but I’m pretty modest, well, actually, if I’m saying this, maybe I’m really not, anyways, moving on…
We said “Goodbye” with Andrei making me tell him live the ending of  A Series of Really Strange Events situation.

Now, I managed to pull myself together and wrote some “words of wisdom” for my “Modern Style Stories” column on You can read it here.

Also, I think you should read about VITRINA, Venera Arapu’s cool project!!! You’ll love it!



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  1. Wow you look awesome!
    But especially your new hairstyle – LOVE IT!!


    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. Alexandra says:

    Te-am vazut si eu saptamanile trecute cred, in fata la Mario Plaza.


  3. daria says:

    how awesome is your hair?! and you do look super special in this.

  4. Anna says:

    oh Anna you really do look great! absolutely love the skirt, and you look beautiful with this hairstyle!

  5. My Style says:

    wow! the skirt is amazing! love the outfit! it’s a new spin on the denim shirt!


  6. Emanuel I. says:

    Chiar esti modesta…
    Arati superb, si eu te-as fi oprit sa-ti fac poze…
    Ti pup…

  7. just claudia says:

    Really great to meet your fans ! 🙂 I’m glad…. By the way, the outfit is so nice, I love your skirt !

  8. Clara Turbay says:

    nice inspirations!

  9. s a n d r a says:

    love the pics! you’re so cuute! fusta asta mi-a atras si mie atentia zilele trecute, e de-a dreptul mirifica <3

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