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.Anette at Optiblu



I don’t know about you people, but when it comes to summer or bright light  I am addicted to sunglasses! I have them all around me, always, a few pairs in my car, my collection in my wardrobe, one pair in each bag I use at the moment and so on.

Plus I always think at all the feminine icons…the memorable outfits, the instant pictures, the paparazzi pictures, in all their activities, they are most seen with sunglasses. Think about  Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren.


I was at Optiblu the other days to find out what glasses would suit my cartooned figure, why it’s  important to wear them and which glamorous brand they have in their portfolio.

I chose Optiblu because  they have the largest variety of brands and products on the market, so deciding what I need becomes easy and super fun (trying on sunglasses is one of my favorite shopping activity).


Ana de Morodan looking awesome

Character Morodan

Ana trying on sunglasses at Optiblu

Smiling Ana



My favorite brands  from their large portfolio are exactly the ones you see in the pictures.

I loved Hugo Boss sunglasses because they have a unique refinement and an elegant shape which makes you feel like a powerful woman.

Max&Co sunglasses are exactly like Max Mara clothes, distinct, timeless and extremely feminine. I also loved some of the Gucci sunglasses, but my absolute favorite brand and sunglasses that I saw was Dior.

The tortoise pair won my heart. It’s timeless and very,very well executed. I felt like a 50’s divette.




I couldn’t not leave before trying their optical frames. You may don’t know this about me but I wear optical glasses.

Everytime I sit in front of the laptop or watch a movie on TV or at the cinema, I wear glasses. Yep, I am a four eyed.

Below are some of the frames I loved.


Morodan and her lovely figure

Aneta la Optiblu

Anette at Optiblu having funI think the only thing that matters in this outfit is, yes, the Mouse headband. And guess what? You can find it at H&M

© Serban Cristea



I loved the Optiblu experience because .

  • I loved their sunglasses and opticals – duhh
  • Their team proved to be professional and very attentive with their customers
  • The brand selection and the buying is done extremely well
  • You do not break down poor after buying the glasses you want because their prices are extremely friendly



Yes, I look like a Mouse, I know. It’s funnyyyyyy. You know I don’t take myself too seriously all the time.



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Mousie Morodan

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  1. IOana says:

    You gorgeous little thing! I never get tired of your style!

  2. crina crinaaaa says:

    oh gosh, you are the sweetest thing alive! love you with that ribbon and love the purple glasses on you, you look good in opticals.

  3. forever chic says:

    uuuuu what nice brans they have there, must pay them a vist ’cause shopping for glasses is my thing, some call it my problem, but whatever, i LOVE IT 🙂

  4. Cool Ladies says:

    very cool, sound like a good shopping destination for this weekend, especially coming from you Ana

  5. Ram Ona says:

    well, you look delicious! my favourite pair is…wait wait…the one where you sit on the purple couch! tx for the tip lady

  6. Who Has Style says:

    Lovely countess, you are always stylish, and always know the best places, don’t you? I just bought a pair of opticals from Optiblu this week, and you are right, they are very nice, and the prices are quite ok for the quality

  7. Maya says:

    Buna! Hello! Love your outfit, chic & funny 🙂 you should wear glasses, you look great in them. They have PRADA you say… #quiltysmile

  8. chic generation says:

    black and white + stunning glasses = LOVE

  9. Miruna says:

    Suna chiar tentant, vazand brandurile pe care le putem gasi. good to know you beautiful chic creature!

  10. Kiss My Style says:

    You never stop showing TEMTATION right in front of my eyes, don’t you! #wink

  11. Alina Bulina says:

    cum ii cheama pe cei purple de vedere?m-am indragostit…:)

  12. Roxana M. says:

    I totally agree w/ you on the optical frames part; I wear them, too, in front of any screen (TV, laptop, cinema, etc.). They are the best!

  13. Soos Cristina says:

    Iuiiii cat de SWEET esti <3 :*

    Ohhhh ochelarii de soare <3 imi plac pentru mine sunt foarte imporanti !!!
    Sunt dependenta de ei primavara-vara-toamna-iarna !!!
    am 3 perechi: o pereche in geanta,o pereche in masina si o pereche, momentan, acasa 🙂
    imi place tare cum iti vin aia de vedere Dior mov !!!! Bestial!!!
    Pupici :*


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