The Stylist Reality Show by BSC – Episode 8

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17 December 2014 / By / 5 Comments


The longest episode till now and a new challenge for our contestants. We`re getting closer and closer to see which of them will be the official stylist of Baneasa Shopping City.

Yes, starting next year, Baneasa Shopping City will be the first mall in Romania to have a shopping consultant service and this is the reality show in which we`ll see who had the best knowledge to deserve this job. But more on this soon, now let`s see the next challenge – dressing a whole family.










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  1. irene says:

    love your dress!

  2. Diana Lorentz says:

    Ce tare, acum am vazut toate episoadele simmi se pare un super proiect

  3. elena florea says:

    Cred ca toti au avut multe de invatat de la jurati

  4. Sandra says:

    foarte interesante tinutele

  5. oana irina says:

    ce tare e asta cu familiile, abia astept

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