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2 May 2012 / By / 12 Comments
 Murmur skirt (my new fav!), H&M top, Steve Madden shoes

We have an expression here, it says that it’s a must to “have your words with you and basically it describes that kind of people who always know what to say and how to say it. I’m that kind of a person. I must be really drunk or in a space out day to catch me on the wrong foot. And I’m not like that because I’m smart, no, no, it’s because I love hearing myself talk!

Here’s another expression that you might know: “Complete failure!”
And today we’re gonna use it to describe my attitude the other days, when I’ve met someone for the first time.

Have you ever met a person who overawed you that much that you couldn’t even say what kind of music do you like, what are your activities and so on?  My mind was blank! Blank! And you know that questions related to my life are my forte! (vanity, my favorite sin!)

I’m still in shock, my smartness pride is seriously damaged. I think I need at least fourteen days to recover. The player who got played. I’m so gonna die!

On the other hand, LUSH sent over some products for me to test making my suffering period more bearable.

I always loved LUSH, especially because their products are natural, home made with eco and bio ingredients. I still use their lavender and honey solid shampoo I discovered a few years ago.

This past weeks I tested the products you can see below. Here are my conclusions:

1. Tulip Wand solid foaming – the one I had the most fun with, plus it let my skin softy wofty (no, wofty is not a word)

2.  Jelly Piejelly/glittery shower cream – it can be used in two ways, you freeze it and then use it in a solid form or you use in it’s initial form, like a jelly. First of all, it smells like Sunday mornings, second, my skin was cleansed and glittery (not that tacky glitter shine but a more delicate touch)

3. Aloe and Mud Body Mask – Sticky at first, (you have to keep it on your body three minutes) I didn’t notice any changes the first or second time I used it. The real effects appeared after my fifth utilization. And you have to use it once at three days not once a month. The result: my skin looks like I drank only fluids for two months!

4. Soft CoeurSolid Massage Oil – Relaxing is it’s middle name!

It’s obviously that now I’m addicted to LUSH!


I visited my aunt on Sunday. The one with the smart advices. She loves gardenias and I have to always bring her one, unfolded! (as we get older our habits/life rules get more twisted…I for one, I will be hellish, I can feel it)

You asked about the next “A Series of Really Strange Events” (1, 2, 3) post…stay toned this week.


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  1. just claudia says:

    You look stunning !
    Superba fusta, nu pot decat sa o ador ! :*

  2. Holy! That is a fantastic outfit!
    You look great!

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  3. I love that skirt! And I’m the complete opposite, I never know what to say…I’m too shy, ha ha…
    Those lush products sound awesome! 😀

  4. Your outfit is absolutely major!
    love,love,love the skirt

  5. My Style says:

    love love the outfit! fusta este superba!


  6. wonderful skirt

  7. megaaaa like for the skirt! <3

  8. Chic Therapy says:

    love that skirt

  9. Emanuel I. says:

    Fusta e chiar geniala…
    Love it!
    Cat despre acele cosmetice…sunt si comestibile?

  10. Nice outfit!I like your blog a lot!

  11. You always have flowers with you and in your home, makes me jealous! 😛 Well, I know that’s a plan for the future, to have fresh flowers all the time.

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