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29 November 2017 / By / 18 Comments

Some things happen while “they are in the news”, red hot, but when you hit a certain age (like me) and have a dozen things on your daily To Do List (make that 64 on a good day), you make a note about it and extrapolate later. This is what happened to me when Simona Halep became the Number 1 in the World according to WTA.  





Everyone cheered and it was of course well deserved. We were all glad, we were all proud. But then, after a few days, the internet fed us up with more and more news, and all of a sudden we forgot about Simona Halep. We stopped looking at her, we stopped following her actions. 








For me, Simona Halep is THE Real Influencer. During all these years she showed herself (then us) where determination, consistency, and power to focus on your goals gets you. She influenced me to even further be willing to never give up and drive to always keep moving forward. No matter how hard it is. 

In her day to day life, Simona Halep promotes common-sense and social implication. She has this really cool, down-to-earth vibe, and she doesn’t seem the kind of winner that brags on and on (ALTHOUGH SHE COULD) but a winner that lives with dignity and modesty.






MORODAN-X-RD-STYLING-1Morodan x RD Styling hoodie – PNK Casual suit – Miu Miu blue velvet shoes – Tezyo burgundy velvet heels  – Mineli boots – BodyChainro crystal fishnets 

Photos by Costrut at Stejarii Country Club



You know, this word: ‘Influencer’; it became a label everyone with a bit of an audience uses nowadays. But the Real Influencers are the ones who focus on values, who keep their head up high but do not brag, who influence behaviors and make you think about your owns. 

The Real Influencers are not the ones who succeed in selling a lipstick (or 10 million) but the ones who actively change the world. Or at least their neighbourhood. 


Exactly like in tennis, you might try to play but you must understand that you’re not Simona Halep, you’re just a girl trying to look cool without any success (like the one pictured above 4b).



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  1. Gina G. says:

    Splendida! Si Simona pentru reusite, si tu pentru aparitii. Loveeee <3

  2. Ofelia Popon says:

    De unde e costumasul bej? Iti vine foarte bine.

  3. Mary Kate says:

    This shooting is simply gorgeous! I’m lovin’ it <3 <3 <3

  4. Ramo Ramonix says:

    Papusaaa,cizmele.alea verzi sunt demetaaaa. Le vreau #fizic #efectiv

  5. Floriana F says:

    Ai perfecta dreptate. Ne-am saturat de confuzia asta cu ‘INFLUENCERII’. Fapul ca pozezi un ruj si ai doua, trei mii de like-uri nu te pozitioneaza ca influencer. Influencerii au mesaje puternice, schimba valori, impun trenduri reale. Sa mai terminam cu ipocrizia #zic!

  6. Ioana Ivan says:

    Ce cool e jacheta asya! Ce pret are?

  7. Kristina K says:

    Gorgeous! I adore your tights.

  8. Cornelia Pop says:

    Vreau sa te felicit pentru ca materialele tale de pe blog sunt mereu speciale. Bravo!

  9. Timeea T says:

    Wow cum sunt cizmele alea si topul cu funde! Imi plac de numa..

  10. Karina says:


  11. Jeni Laura says:

    Esti super expresiva, Morodanco, artisto, frumusico !!!!!

  12. Felicia escu says:

    Vreau si eu dresuri cu sclipici. Arati foarte sexy. Parca ai mai slabit putin. :))

  13. Georgeta Dan says:

    Felicitari ca scrii si despre personaje cu atata valoare pentru Romania. Intai poza omagiu pentru reusita Nadiei Comaneci si acum aceste frumoase cuvinte pentru Simona Halep. Chiar esti speciala si te respect enorm pentru asta. 🙂

  14. Such a cool photos!

  15. Madalina Adomnitei says:

    Te-am vazut la Piatra Neamt la restaurant. Am vrut sa te salut si sa fac o poza cu tine, dar te-am vazut mai informala si m-am gandit ca nu e momentul potrivit. Esti simpatica. :*

  16. Daniela Popescu says:

    Pantofii aia Miu Miu din catifea sunt de poveste ?

  17. mira_miriam says:

    Morodan, te iubesc de numai pot! <3

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