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Hello Autumn

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The Perfect CountessI am wearing & Other Stories heels and H&M hat and woolly

© Serban Cristea




Here’s what’s happening to me in Autumn most of the times. I feel an uncontrollable urge to organize my things, to clean, to get rid of the things I don’t use anymore. I know Spring is the season for this but I always was an upside down lady – no, this does not mean that I’m special. Examples: I always order the less tasty food at restaurants, I always pay more on anything than the people around me and many other things that just make me wanna go nuts sometimes.

This urge of getting rid of useless things combined with a somehow maturity that I might have reached lately and with a maybe to high stress level made me appreciate the quiet moments more. Lately I am all about peaceful experiences away from the city and its madness.


By the way, these days something happened and I realized that what Tennessee Williams said it’s kinda true.

He said that God doesn’t come when you call him but he always comes on time!


1374712_3574205530741_325574118_nPicture taken by Lightaholic




Of course I don’t forest walk in heels. I am not THAT kind of a fashionista for God’s sake.






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  1. Soos Cristina says:

    This is what I love about autumn :
    1. Castanele si vinul cald <3
    2. Bulevardul plin de frunze de langa cetate (Tg-Mures) :)))
    3. Plimbarile prin padure
    4. Vremea perfecta din acest an !

    Pupici autumn lover Ana :*:*

  2. I feel the same in autumn. Hmmm now you make me think about it. 😀 I guess I’m special too. Hugs!

  3. larisa oancea says:

    atat de minunata e poza cu padurea tomnatica! ador!

  4. mary flower says:

    cool really sexy cool you look! muah!

  5. Stylish Girls says:

    perrrrfect picture that one with you in front of the big doors, i would put it on a wall 🙂 love the effortless outfit and the autumn routine!

  6. Tina says:

    love sweaters and sandals together you gorgeous being


    oh my god the shoes <3 love the outfit!

  8. Chic & Chic says:

    WOW! pare ca ai avut o zi perfecta din imaginile astea superbe!

  9. anna says:

    lovely legs! m-as imbraca asa azi 🙂 m-ai inspirat
    pentru drumul cu masina trebuie insa sa mai astept pana in weekend…

  10. Julie Red says:

    yes that’s right, i always say that the things you want so bad are not always the things you need so bad, kind of the same thing, no?

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