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Keep calm people! This is not a cheesy post about friendship.
And although I may sound cynical, I’m really not.

I think if someone would ask Adina to describe me she would probably use the phrase from the post title. My life experience has tought me that people come into your life, stay a while and maybe at one point they leave. And it’s nothing wrong with that. It’s called evolution. And maybe you do not evolve in the same direction as some of your friends. Growing apart is as normal as growing together.

The minute you’ll stop expecting and live the moment, you’ll be free.

“The best friend” – what’s that? Did you ever think about how much this label limits you? I think it’s very important to have many people around you, as diverse as they can be, cause your ability to learn and absorb information multiplies immensely.

Adina and I, we’re not “best friends, we were partners long before we became friends, we’re not constantly together and we don’t go out with the same crowds. We respect each others freedom and individuality. That’s why when we meet, it’s always a little party, yes, we laugh, yes, we bitch about everyone else (like we all do), yes, we act snobbishly without reason (no, my father is not a Lord) and at the end of the day, we return to our lives, smiling and tasting what a real and honest friendship should be.

It took me a lot of time but I’m very proud of myself  for being able to think this way, I don’t own the philosopher’s stone, chill.

To all of you who were my friends and are not anymore…Thank you! For entering my life and also for leaving it.


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  1. Ramona J. says:

    Pe langa ca imi plac foarte tare tinutele si fotografiile, am zambit datorita textului. Eu inca mai am probleme in privinta prieteniilor intrerupte, acuz si sunt acuzata de “inalta tradare” desi tu chiar ai spus adevarul : nimic nu e vesnic, caci daca ar fi ne-ar priva de evolutie. Oamenii se schimba si doar cei care se adapteaza merg mai departe si construiesc. Am mai povestit pe blogul meu cum am refuzat sa merg un intreg semestru la facultate fiindca nu picasem cu prietenele in grupa si nici macar nu am vrut sa incerc sa leg noi prietenii. Foarte prost obicei, ca si atasamentul de un anume loc. Profesional, te ingroapa. Relational, la fel.

  2. Ana says:

    This is one interesting post!!! especially the part about “bitching everyone else” :))))

  3. Love this post!I like your view of friendship as well. It took me also a long time to realize that frendships don’t last a lifetime.

  4. Pinkat says:

    Imi place ce ai scris mai sus. E un adevar dureros insa pentru firile mai sensibile si visatoare, care cred inca in sintagma “best friends”. Pana la urma..probabil ca prieteni iti sunt cei pe care, chiar daca nu ii mai vezi o perioada lunga de timp, cand va intalniti e ca si cum nu ati fost niciodata despartiti. Keep up the good job with your blog!

  5. stilistele says:

    what can I say? I love you posts, oth pics and texts. I wish all the friends I’ve ditched would have your point of view and stop hating me…haha

  6. Sing says:

    You and your friend look so fly.

  7. good for you ana Maria i respect your point of view and honesty. its refreshing to read. lookin fabulous as always regards from Dublin Leo.

  8. This is such a wonderful post and I love the photos too! Labels are confining in life, nice to toss them aside and define things for ourselves instead. 🙂

  9. Anaivilo says:

    Inteleg si eu la ce te referi, am si eu asa prietene, cu care nu reusesc sa ne vedem sau avem gusturi diferite dar cand ne intalnim, parca toata lumea rezoneaza pentru cateva momente. E ciudat intr-un fel..pentru ca daca nu ai o persoana sau doua constante in viata ta, nu prea ai cu cine sa faci amintiri, bine si lipsa timpului contribuie ceea ce mie mi se pare foarte trist. Si atunci iti raman doar “catch-up conversations” si mi se pare prea… limitat.

  10. Elena says:

    This is so true, but also very hard to accept sometimes.

  11. Juliana says:

    Agree on that best friend bit!! I somehow feel suffocated having a best friend. It’s like an obligation. Selfish? Maybe. So what! Enjoy your weekend Ana!

  12. Sheree says:

    Great post..It really made me think. I often cut people out to easily..they’ll annoy me and I’m like, I can’t be friends with opened my eyes a little to this..Thanks!

  13. Mi-a placut ft mult si am dat share, sper ca nu e nicio problema:”>

  14. Medine says:

    Iti dai seamna cat de mult mi-a placut mesajul si modul in care a fost expus, daca m-ai prins cu un comment! : ) touche’ pussycat!

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