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I thought and I thought. And then I thought some more. And reached the same conclusion.

I`m not able to top this. The new Autumn H&M lookbook pictures that is.


So I said to myself:


Morodan, what`s really important for you? Posting pictures with yourself dressed in this collection or sharing the cool lookbook and news with your cool readers?


Congratulations, You WON #GoodbyeEgoccenticMidget J


I think half of the outfits on this blog have an H&M element.  And I want to keep talking about the great things this brand does. Because being stylish is just this, Being Stylish. It`s not being stylish dressed in high-end. Affordable fashion is slowly becoming the reinterpreted luxury. 

So yes, cheers to H&M for not selling me just clothes but for making it easy and affordable for all of us to fulfill our stylish dreams. Fashion is something which makes us feel good about ourselves. And this luxury should be for everybody.



Without not further ado, take a look below and get inspired to dream, fall in love, flirt and make magic happen while looking perfectly glam.






The new collection – #HMFALLINLOVE – shows a glam version of the contemporary 70’s tendency that pervades the entire a/w 15 seasonBasic Essentials clothes dressed up in a more conspicuous way. A combination of elegant ease and a cool rock mood keep the mood sexy, glamorous and light-hearted. Just like we should be this Fall. 


The whole vibe is so effortlessly chic and natural. Makes me think about romance splashed with bohemian moments. It makes me feel about freedom. And secret city breaks with a secret lover.  











Here are some some the most important  Key items which will make this Fall unforgettable for you: Loose robe coat, Peacoat with sharp collar & lapels, Flared pants, Slim shirt, Volume tunic-blouse, V-neck slim fit knitted sweater, Slim fit knitted turtleneck sweater, V-neck ribbed jersey tops, Basics, Deco top, Shift A-line dress.

 And you can spice your sensual look up with a pair of retro boots, round sunglasses or those chic thin  scarfs.









Clothing items tell a story about us. Make it an unforgettable one. And this Fall, keep all eyes on you.



With whom or what have you fallen in love lately? Use #HMFALLINLOVE to tell me about it.










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  1. High Heels says:

    The lookbook is amazing, I love it

  2. felicia says:

    eu sunt total indragostita de paltoanele camel

  3. Oana Alexandra says:

    Superba campania ❤️

  4. ruxx says:

    #HMFALLINLOVE with affordable fashion

  5. Iulia Rizea says:

    Minunata campanie, piesele sunt superbe

  6. anemona says:

    ❤️ #HMFALLINLOVE The boots

  7. Natalie says:

    #HMFALLINLOVE with the perfect coat

  8. irena says:

    I love this campaign and I love the way you style H&M

  9. Lisa STAR says:

    amazing photos, they make me want everything in this collection 😉

  10. corina ionescu says:

    din pacate, being stylish e ceva cu care te nasti sau in cel mai bun caz inveti pe parcurs. si ai dreptate, stilul nu-l cumpara toti banii din lume

  11. Marinela Nicolae says:

    superbe fotografiile, abia asteot sa te vad purtand colectia

  12. lilia says:

    #HMFALLINLOVE With the most eonderful green eyes

  13. stefania marin says:

    imi place mult H&M iar campania de toamna e minunata

  14. elena brezoianu says:

    Foarte frumoasa colectia iar campania de nota 10

  15. Sara says:

    #HMFALLINLOVE with fall

  16. Elena says:

    Colectia e superba, cizmele sunt wow

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