A Hormonal Day?

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24 October 2014 / By / 22 Comments

anamorodan com

anamorodan com

anamorodan com

anamorodan com

anamordan comI am wearing a Mexx blazer and dress and Aerin flats – all available at Fashion Days

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev all the interior pictures are made in one of my favorite spots around here – La Farine



It`s been a while now since Fashion Days and I started to become friends. At first, our relationship was about building trust. You know, they fought for my trust. Not because I`m Ana Morodan, but because I am a potential customer.

Yesterday I`ve made their evaluation and concluded that they`ve been prompt, I`ve been satisfied with their products, their services are professinal  and I always find best deals on their huge online shop. And just like magic, the sizes fit my boobs…although, I think in this aspect is just good energy doing its job. And their buyer has the same style direction as me because every time I am hunting for new buys I find simple, yet chic items.

You noticed that I never brag with the campaigns I do and I am always careful what I choose to endorse or to present you. I respect you, my readers, immensely and I would never bring to your attention something in which I don`t believe in, no matter how big the fee would be. And I am proud of myself because I developed this way of thinking. You know, at the end of the day it`s not about treating the people who look at you as a mass of followers but as your friends. And we my darlings, we, here, are really friends!


Ok, I`ll stop with this sentimental crap, I think I`m hormonal today. But before I go I have some tips to point out:








The white blazer and those Aerin flats…They`re like the coolest evergreen items! I totally adore those flats. Imagine them with a pair of black cigarette pants and a grey blouse. Or the white blazer  paired with a golden pencil skirt and a grey blouse. Yes, the grey blouse is another evergreen item on my list.







Here is a link from a campaign made with some of the great actors of our time. This campaign was thought to raise awareness on the environment. Remember, a hashtag means a dollar so please hashtag #NatureisSpeaking and share it. Let`s do our little part in this.









  Ana von Banana

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  1. silvana oprea says:

    superba tinuta! rochia e stilul meu over and over again!

  2. ana-maria says:

    love the flats! they truly are evergreen!

    PS: I bought 3 grey blouses yesterday 🙂

  3. Ancuta says:

    vai, balerinii sunt redusi la jumatate! si au numarul meu!!!!! add to bag! thank you! come to mamaaaaaaa!

  4. carin says:

    absolutely love the umbrella! where do you find these amazing pieces?!

  5. Danielle says:

    the boob problem is soooo familiar :))

    you look great in this outfit, love burgundy for fall!

  6. Bianca says:

    stiu campania, e realizata wow! ar fi bine daca am reusi si noi sa facem lucruri de genul

  7. naie ana says:

    n-o sa ma satur niciodata de visiniu, e un soi de gri pentru mine 🙂
    rochia e superba!

  8. AnaMaria says:

    #natureisspeaking and it’s telling us to protect it!

  9. Creola O. says:

    ai dreptate, lucrurile simple sunt cele mai frumose si mai de efect. nu multe stiu insa sa poarte piesele basic astfel incat sa le puna in valoare asa cum trebuie

  10. sandrina says:

    great outfit, love every piece of it! just discovered fashion days, pretty cool selection

  11. Ligia says:

    La Farine e un loc superb! si mie imi place foarte tare!

    10 pentru tinuta!

  12. Lori says:

    great outfit! love the shoes!

  13. mioara popa says:

    sacoul e superb!

  14. Catrinel says:

    au piese foarte cool pe fashion days, iar tinuta de azi e foarte frumoasa!

  15. tinacristina says:

    cool flats, I love Aerin!

  16. Felicia says:

    the campaign is just amazing!

  17. fashionvictim says:

    where did you find that amazing earing? it looks great!

  18. florentina ioan says:

    tinuta parca inveleste ziua asta mohorata!

  19. Elena says:

    rochia iti vine perfect!

  20. ana nastase says:

    superba combinatie!
    am ajuns sa inteleg cat e de important sa poti sa porti tinute basic si totusi sa arati spectaculos

  21. Anne Marie says:

    I love evergreen items! I actually have a similar jacket from my mom. It was bought in the ’80s!

  22. Hortensia says:

    campania e de admirat. din pacate noi nu putem sa facem asa ceva pentru ca noi inca lasam muntele plin de peturi si de ambalaje,aruncam tigari din masina la semafor si preferam sa aruncam pe strada decat sa asteptam primul cos de gunoi. trist…

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