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Hello people,

As you might have noticed, I’m in a busy period, plus, I really don’t know what stupid detail of my life to tell you today, I’m stressed and I woke up late so I have to kinda run!

Ah, here’s a thing you didn’t know about me: I like flowers (a?). Me and the rest of 7 billions people on this planet…My obsession goes till buying them almost daily and in immense quantities. And yes, I know that this “favorite flowers” shit is a cliche but my favs are white lilies. Okkkk, I’m sure you could have lived happily ever after without knowing that.

Yesterday, at the flower market, I was a widow, with a scarf on my head, flowers and all, who goes to a funeral. The funeral of  latte cups pictured in the morning, of cakes pictured at midday and of dinner facebooked in the evening. People, we got it! You eat all the good stuff and we (we who live in the French Bakery near you not in Somalia, you do realize that no?)  don’t, relax, you’re special and cool, we got it!

Ok, the bitchy moment passed, freedom of expression people, freedom of expression…it’s important not to forget about it,  after all, it has so many benefits! (wink)

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Now, that rare moment when I write in Romanian:

Fara doar si poate stiti de pe acum ca sunt prin definitie o haotica. Ei bine, acest aspect deficitar din viata mea se rasfrange in cotidian, prin lipsa de timp. Problema n-ar fi prea mare daca aceasta lipsa de timp s-ar aplica doar la momentele in care este necesar sa ma comport ca un om matur si sa-mi asum responsabilitati, de genul platit de facturi, facut piata (da, inca mananc haotic, drept dovada si cele 6 kg in plus sau minus, depinde de luna) si alte oranduieli necesare. 

Situatia devine ustoratoare atunci cand aceasta lipsa  de timp intervine si in privinta activitatilor care imi fac placere, cum ar fi (sunteti pe un blog de personal style) shopping-ul! Insa si in aceasta privinta exista un tertip, evident.
N-am nervi sa-mi petrec ore in sir facand asta pentru ca pana si hainele ma plictisesc daca le acord prea multa atentie. Pe cale de consecinta sunt o mica devoratoare de shopping online. Intr-adevar te folosesti doar de simtul vizual, fiind privat de cel tactil insa eu una am dezvoltat o obsesie pentru acest tip de shopping, motiv pentru care astazi vom discuta despre noua mea descoperire, Fashion
Fashion este un magazin online unde gasim modele ale unor brand-uri ca si Dsquared, Dolce&Gabbana sau Elisabetta Franchi. Mai presus de toate, aici am gasit si mult cautata  pereche de boyfriend pantspentru ca Fashion Victim detine in portofoliu si brand-ul Armani Jeans.
I loved  Fashion pentru ca:
 1. Are un layout clean si usor de folosit.
 2. Livrarea este prompta iar daca sunteti din Bucuresti puteti sa-i vizitati la showroom-ul lor din Bulevardul Unirii, nr. 6
3. Comercializeaza si haine pentru copii, astfel incat nepotelul meu poate fi si el fashionable.
4. Pentru ca at the end of the day we all are little fashion victims.

Do you know about Our Design’s shabby chic chair you can win?


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  1. Adee says:

    Indeed, we all are Fashion Victims!

  2. You are hilarious. Great post!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  3. ZADIN says:

    Fashion victim … AKA … Obrazul fin cu cheltuială se ţine.

    Zadin ♥♥♥

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