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I have selected, put aside and then selected again, organizing per days the things I utterly need in my next holiday. This operation had to be done if you know what I mean…more because once I started taking over all Promenada`s boutiques, several days in a row, I was leaving filled with huge bags and things and obviously I couldn`t include them all in just one luggage. So no matter how hectic luggage organizer I may be, things need to be curated.


Therefor, here`s my final cut – curated with the maximum wisdom a fashionista is capable of:


  • A Kurkdjian perfume and a Diptyque candle – I know, you`re gonna say that a candle is unnecessary in a holiday but it`s very important for my hotel room – it stimulates my creativity


anamorodan com 2


anamorodan com 22


  • I am a laptop addict so eyeglasses are a MUST – always – this Tom Ford ones from Optiblu are so vixen like #lovelovelove


close up


  • A bracelet so I can add  a little charm for every holiday memory…now that`s a meaningful jewelry. I selected a castle, a carriage, a frog and a fairy queen. You`ll soon see why.


    anetta loving pandora

close up bracelet


  • Some hydrating lotions from Sephora. Healthy skin is super fashionable, must keep in mind.


anamorodan com 15


  • Cielo Venezia 1270 became my love since I saw that new silver jewelry collection of theirs


anamorodan com 17


  • A few notebooks from Autograf because for me a holiday is the perfect time for making plans and To Do lists. Nope, I almost never have a moment when I just sit and do nothing. #crazymindedperson.A



close up ana


  • Healthy skin means a young and glowing skin so a big bottle of Douglas sunscreen is a Must. Totally have to take it. .


anamorodan com 1


I am also taking a few books, some Dana dresses I selected last time I was strolling around  Promenada Mall and a few large hats. And there, you must admit, I organized pretty well. I am proud of myself. For the first time ever my luggage will close naturally, without me jumping on it in order to pull the zipper.


I really enjoyed my #suntPE holiday shopping with Promenada and besides exploring this eternal dilemma – the holiday luggage – I also fell in love with the special vibe this Mall inspires.


Now, all that`s left is for Serban to come back from his 3 weeks mountain exploration in the Alps and we`re ready to start the holiday adventure. Until then, a Starbucks moment is always a well spent moment. And it tastes better than gin tonic #noginskindamonth #haha




ana bananaI am wearing a Clara Rotescu dress, Bensimon sneakers from Anastasia and the Funky Twins and a Cartier bracelet

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev







Anetta pe Promenada

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  1. Liliana Popa says:

    rochia este superba!

  2. High Heels says:

    i love the tom ford glasses! they are just amazing!

  3. ioana says:

    vacanta placuta, ana!

  4. maria says:

    la multi ani! sa ai o zi superba ca tine!

  5. aurelia2012 says:

    a, vacanta! abia astept si eu! si abia astept postarile din vacanta ta 🙂

  6. marina says:

    the manoush dress is amaaaaaaazing! love it!

  7. Ioana Popa says:

    si eu sunt indragostita de pandora! charmurile lor mi se par cadouri minunate!

  8. fashionlover says:


  9. Radu Mioara says:

    si eu am zana de la pandora! le iubesc pe toate!

  10. Oana Radu says:

    mi-ai facut ziua cu postarea asta si pofta de cumparaturi! si eu mai am pana la vacanta, dar azi ma duc sa-mi pregatesc bagajul! abia astept!

  11. Alexa says:

    promenada scrie pe mine azi, pe urmele tale! abia astept! PS: o sa raman vesnic indragostita de Kurkdjian!

  12. ana says:

    la multi ani, draga ana! sa ai o zi splendida!

  13. alexandra ana says:

    ma bucur sa vad ca nu sunt singura care pleaca cu bratele pline de la Sephora 🙂 si ai mare dreptate, cu cat ne ingrijim mai repede si mai bine, cu atat vom fi mai frumoase mai mult timp

  14. littlekitten says:

    esti unul dintre putinii oameni pe care-I stiu care arata ataaat de bine in buline! plus ca noua coafura te prinde foarte bine!

  15. cristinaj says:

    rochia e superba! pur si simplu superba!

  16. Margareta says:

    Ochelarii de la Tom Ford sunt si pe wishlistul meu de multa vreme!

  17. ioana says:

    rochia manoush si bratara cartier <3

  18. andreeac says:

    promenada is a real shopping experience! i love it! and the terrace

  19. Georgescu Laura says:

    Beautik este unul din magazinele preferate! as putea sa stau ore intregi acolo!

  20. mirela says:

    🙂 si eu sunt colectionara si utilizatoare de agende, asa te inteleg perfect!

  21. Alexandra Ana says:

    datorita tie am descoperit Cielo Venezia 1270. multumesc! e un magazin plin de minunatii!

  22. Michaela says:

    I love your style!

  23. anamaria says:

    aaaaaaaw, ochelarii tom ford! ii adoooooooor!

  24. Ilinca Rusu says:

    ador promenada! si imi place mult tot ce ai ales! PS: rochia cu buline e wow!

  25. Lucy says:

    rochia cu buline e superba! la fel si ochelarii

  26. carmen says:

    vacanta placuta! abia astept sa vad poze!

  27. Elena says:

    Super postarea si arati minunat!

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