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I must admit and you must understand me, I was also watching Sochi Winter Olympic Games because I was curious to see this year’s uniforms and boy, oh boy did they surprise me!

Starting with the Mariachi suit and ending with the German statement ones, the Sochi Olympic Games were indeed a fashion statement. Good or a bit ridiculous but a statement.

I love that with each edition of the Olympic games, fashion gets the rightful place in this field also. Speaking about the Sochi Winter Games, you didn’t forget about the contest and virtual bobsleigh competition Groupama organized for you, did you?

I secretly think Groupama, which is also the official sponsor for this year’s Romanian team at the Olympics, loves fashion also, after all, they picked me as one of their virtual bobsleigh competitors.

You know that you can win a 250 Euro voucher that you can use for buying sports equipment – because yes, this year we should look and feel amazing and believe me, sport is the answer. Nope, not xanax!

Before I go…do you remember the motivating clip Groupama did for the Romanian athletes? In that clip several Romanian supporters were wishing good luck to our athletes.


Here’s what our athletes answered:



I’m gonna stop now or I’ll get emotional. Yet again, cool idea Groupama!


You guys can find out more about how you can subscribe to the contest here









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  1. riri loca says:

    ha 🙂 i know what you mea, i watched the costumes also 🙂

  2. Fata Cu Rochite says:

    only a true fashionista can watch the olympic games and think of clothes !

  3. Varvara Michaela says:

    foarte frumoasa initiativa groupama !

  4. laura john says:

    oh i didn’t know about this application and contest coooool!!!!

  5. Sam T. says:

    love for performance! and fashion! muah!

  6. Anca Miha says:

    contesa intr-o competitie virtuala de bobsleigh! nice! modern, nu alta! :)))))

  7. Chic Eleanor says:

    ah ce m-am emotionat si eu…frumos gest

  8. Lyla says:

    sports ARE cool! now lets win!

  9. coco says:


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