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20 August 2014 / By / 14 Comments

Ana Morodan


 .Spending my last few days at the seaside gave me a little time to think. Ok, I admit, being a workaholic is sometimes an ordeal. Like these days for example, I thought of things, all right. But I thought of subjects to talk with you about or at my To Do lists.

In this very moment I am reading the latest news and studies about DOVE. Have I told you I am their Dove Deo ambassador?  Yes, I know I`ve told you, I just get ecstatic each time I think of that. Not because I am a brand ambassador but because I am DOVE`s brand ambassador.

`What makes DOVE so special?` you may ask.


ana banana.jpg_effected

Ana Morodan

anamorodan com2.jpg_effected

Ana MorodanI am wearing a Zara hat and blouse, Bensimon sneakers from Anastasia and The Funky Twins and Louis Vuitton sunglasses

Photos by Serban Cristea



Well, I think that this brand is super special because it is not focused only on selling or marketising their products. DOVE is constantly developing studies that give us knowledge, confidence in ourselves and trust in their products.

Let`s take for example this brand ambassador thing I share with Dove. Well, each month I get an amount of information to just read and see what they did or discovered lately. It`s not info that I necessarily have to share, but more something that they show me to see the kind of brand I have embarked in a journey with.

For example now I`m reading a study Dove did. Study which shows us that when we shave our armpits 34% of what we shave is skin. That`s why we get irritations.

Based on this study Dove enriched it`s deodorants – spray or solid – with ¼ moisturizing cream making sure that when we moisturize this part of our body we also repair it.


Now you understand why I get all happy and ecstatic because I am this brand`s deo ambassador?


What do you feel about this study? Did you know the truth about shaving and the fact that this is such an ignored fact and that because of that we feel uncomfortable? Have you already been in your summer holiday? Are you going? What do you think about this gloomy weather? Do you long for Autumn to come?


Ok, I`ll stop with the questions. Should I stop with the questions? Ok, ok, I`ll stop, stop shouting.



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anetta Dovetta




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  1. Veronica says:

    I love their campaigns!

  2. Mirela says:

    M-am bucurat mult sa vad ca esti ambasador Dove. E un brand deosebit, la fel si tu

  3. marina says:

    Cool hat!

  4. Pinky says:

    Sunt fidela Dove de cativa ani si Cred ca e minunat sa fii ambasadoarea lor!

  5. anna says:

    OMG! 34% skin?!

  6. Maya says:

    You are more beautiful than you think! Ador sloganul asta! Si videourile lor ma binedispun intotdeauna!

  7. ILONA COSMA says:

    cateva zile la mare sunt tot ce-mi doresc acum!

  8. Tennis Girl says:

    Bensimon sneakers are the coolest ever!!!!

  9. Oana Andrea says:

    interesting info! Dove e foarte cool dupa parerea mea. Sper sa faca si in Ro o campanie cum sunt cele din SUA

  10. Nina Paraschiv says:

    cred ca dove e unul din putinele branduri care nu m-a dezamargit pana acum

  11. Maxy says:

    polkadots swim suit!

  12. June says:

    this makes me cry every time! do you know it?

  13. Daria says:

    Buna Ana. Ti-am descoperit blogul acum cateva saptamani si de atunci am citit aproape toate postarile tale. I just love you! Am si eu o intrebare ca sa intelegem si noi muritoarele de rand cum de ai haine asa extravagante si super cool: care e de faot jobul tau? hainele le primesti doar pt poze sau sunt ale tale? Thanks!

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Haha, ma bucur ca iti place blogul Daria 🙂 Blogul este job-ul meu. Hainele sunt ale mele, mai putin cele care fac parte dintr-un proiect 🙂

      Te imbratisez cu drag,

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